Malala’s Speech

Malala‘s speech: “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first.”
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22 responses to “Malala’s Speech

  1. What an inspiring and courageous young woman.


  2. Also, it makes one feel a little ashamed, the way we take our own education for granted, never realizing how so many people around the world are desperate to learn, yet have no facilities.


    • or, how conservative societies block every new knowledge – it makes absurd and senseless to learn. It is not easy for elites to use their capabilities. Especially often for women oppressed under orthodox Islam …


  3. Hurray – the comment button now works again. Thanks. Frizz. You can delete this. Or may be others need to know what’s going on. It’s not just me whose comments are being SPAMMED. Have informed akismet. But if recipients can check their spam file and free up comments, then it seems the comment posting facility will be restored. It’s just another way of stopping free community interchange!!!


  4. Amy

    Courageous, brilliant, visionary young woman!


  5. Her speech was awesome, just imagine when she is forty!


  6. Excellent! The world opens wide when we can read, and writing? Ohhhh, I can’t even tell you how wonderful….


  7. Wise beyond her years. Bravery beyond any I could ever dream of mustering.


  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    She is wonderful. I love all blogs that mention her.


  9. It amazes me that one so young can have such courage.


  10. “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first.”

    Malala’s speech is great and so true too but then I should ask these points, (because of the experience right now in my own country and makes me worry about the future)
    1) who is the teacher? or Who will be the teacher? or Is the teacher right person?
    2) which book… ?
    3) what kind of education?
    4) what is education? according to who… or another question or point education is for all human… ?

    My points for all them, are humanist, democratic and love… and of course wisdom and wise…

    I hope dear Frizz you can understand what I mean… Thanks and Love, nia


    • dear Nia,
      instead of the Koran I would offer to read my article about KANT:
      especially the quote:
      “A religion, which makes humans dark, is wrong…”


      • wolfgangfoto

        i agree, my friend


      • I agree with you dear Frizz, and Kant is great philosopher in wisdom or logical mind… I read all holy books, all religions showing us to be a right person and the greatness of the God… and His universe that he created… I do belieive in God, but I am not a religious one… because I also believe that God talked with us in different time, in different place and in different language but they were all same… At least they have a generally same points… So that, I always prefer(ed) to read philosophical books and thoughts because they are always serving a long sentences to us that never ended… you can finish or you can go on to think about them… When we were talking about the education, it wasn’t the point of mine about holy books…. This is actually another discussion matter I think… I was talking about a general education system and the differences how happens when it was in the wrong thoughts or people! There are some (at the end we have, especially in 21th century we have to have) human rules that in everywhere of the world it is appreciated now… On about these human rules if we are discussing (still), I can ask the education system,…. Education in family, education in social life, education in schools, education in life,…etc. How hard and long way to be a human… a right human. We can all discuss on about this “right human”… I know, I can guess, it will be another discussion subject… I am sorry again dear Frizz, I talked so much 🙂

        Thank you, love, nia


        • it’s not too long, Nia, you know, Shimon (Jerusalem) and me (Berlin), we are testing if there are still enough human beings who are able to write and read longer than the twitter or mobile phone SMS standard … 🙂


        • Agree with Frizz, and what you’re saying sounds like it comes from the heart. Not too long. Just fine.


  11. You are both so nice people and I do appreciate your thoughts, Thank you, greetings and love from here to Jerusalem and Berlin 🙂


  12. shahista

    Girls her age are having fun, pretending to be some sort of princesses in their towns but Malala looks like holding the burden of the whole third world on her shoulders! God bless her.


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