Istanbul – Besiktas & Taksim Riots & Police Attack – 04.06.13

Through social media, a counterweight is created in the public mind. More and more governments are confronted with it. Knowledge is created now inductively by the people, not deductively by a few in power.

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9 responses to “Istanbul – Besiktas & Taksim Riots & Police Attack – 04.06.13

  1. fascinating picture


    • there were some protests last year in Israel because of the expensive rent [we have a house with garden, but many young people not]? But of course, not to this extent. The discontent was smaller.


  2. But don’t forget there’s a gap between people using social medias and the whole population of a country. It’s one of the problems in Egypt now…. Morsi had been elected by voters but did they vote for what he did after ? Not sure. In Turkey, the problem is the same between a population wanting authority and order and more influent people wanting freedom.
    Revolutions are often made by a minority.


  3. Amy

    This photo says a lot…





  5. Global dissemination of photography, blogging, social media – all these efforts made by ordinary people will eventually bring their voices about important issues to the forefront. Even if they do not effect direct change with governments they do change how the rest of the world sees things – in this same vein, you might be interested in the series of articles about North Korea on….


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