Pope spoke in Lampedusa

I always thought when so many know the Spiritual GO DOWN MOSES, they will also manage to understand (and perhaps support) that so many Africans leave their continent fleeing.
Cayuco con inmigrantes (Boat with subsaharian inmigrants).
title=”Cayuco con inmigrantes” (Boat with subsaharian immigrants) – photo by Miguelángel = Miguel Angel Adam


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26 responses to “Pope spoke in Lampedusa

  1. nice interpretation


    • Shalom Shimon, of course you know the song GO DOWN MOSES – and your heart is filled with the knowledge about the subject: sometimes it is necessary that our forefathers decide to escape from a country. Then at least the grandchildren have the chance to live in peace – like you and me: I like your garden in Jerusalem, a little paradise, now look at mine:
      actually I’m very happy to have summer, working with the window behind my table wide open. I need nothing more – and it would be fair, if everyone had a chance like this …


  2. Also, as well as treating refugees from Africa or elsewhere with humane consideration, we might ask ourselves exactly why people are fleeing their countries. For instance, top on the list of questions might be: does their flight have something to do with us because the resources found in their countries is wanted to make the technology that the industrialised world depends on and feels entitled to own. It is easy to forget that people do not leave their homelands lightly, even if they are escaping from war zones and persecution. Too often our default position is to assume that poor people come to rich countries to scrounge. We tend not to ask: what can we learn from these people. What gifts are they bringing us? Their willingness to work perhaps? Particular skills, philosophies and values that might benefit us all? Or is this too big an ask?


  3. Thought provoking as always – music and words. But one question we might ask ourselves about refugees, whether from Africa or elsewhere, is why are people fleeing their homelands. No one leaves home lightly, even if it has become a war zone, or an economic basket case. For instance, does their plight have something to do with us – the exploitation of their countries’ resources perhaps by the industrialized world – to make the technology we depend on and have come to feel entitled to. Do we ask refugees what gifts they bring us – their talents and values, their desire to work hard? Or do we think they have simply come to scrounge?


  4. Beautiful, smooth and silky, I love it!


  5. I am loving this pope each day for highlighting the lives and issues of millions of voiceless people.


  6. He’s going to be a great pope…. For my (no comment) picture of the day, I had a choice between refugees of lampedusa and Lac Megantic…I chose the second one but I will talk about lampedusa another time.
    Thnaks Frizz for the post.


  7. The music is so mellow and lovely for this morning! I love the colorful boat, which seems a polar opposite for what the people in that boat must be feeling.


  8. It sounds like he may just do a good job. Love your music Frizz and this song is new to me.


  9. Pat

    Great post – and a huge problem, especially with so many problems in the Middle East. I love listening to your playing, Frizz. You know how to pick those strings real pretty.


  10. Refugees may bring their own special gifts – their talents, their family values, the desire to work hard. No one leaves home lightly, no matter how dire the situation.


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