Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgia

perfect etymological study of the word history

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5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgia

  1. Rosa

    I agree that the woman of today does not dress so femininly as in the past – but that was often so unpractical 😀

    This was my sentimentality from the past.


  2. A wonderful take on the challenge – I too am nostalgic for many of the things you highlight in your post, women dressing like real, elegant women no matter what their pay-grade, visions of real home, all those little things that make up our memories of a simpler life… It would be interesting to see whether nostalgia is more prevalent in certain generations. Do the under-30s even get nostalgic or is the past just one big tumblr/google/Wikipedia vat to mine and Instagram/Facebook?


    • well my fellow blogger VASTLY_CURIOUS made perfect etymological study of the word history (watching wikipedia); I’ve commented the article of “vastlycurious” mentioning, that often music is connected with a certain kind of NOSTALGIA; I think, it is important to feel inside some emotions, roots – and keep them alive; if there is only nostalgia, we’ve lost the connection; today I played on my guitar – to keep it alive:


  3. I have gone to her site to add comments – WP mobile app for iphones won’t let one see where the reblog is actually resting so you get the post but no idea where it is… hence my comments on your blog! It’s all good…


  4. oh yes; i was always fascinated with the countless boxes of hats that my mother owned!


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