Emergency News July 8

The paper.li team introduces daily PHOTOGRAPHY and MEDIA news supporting the frizztext blog: paper.li frizztext edition: July 8. Today I’ve been moved by a report published by the Telegraph: San Francisco plane crash: victim may have been run over by emergency vehicle.

Secondly flickr photographers are feeding daily my group BLOG IT!. My choice for the “photo of the day”, a sad subject:
187/365  Asiana flight 214 Boeing 777-28E/ER HL7742 crash lands at KSFO
title=”187/365 Asiana flight 214 Boeing 777-28E/ER HL7742 crash lands at KSFO” – photo uploaded by pointnshoot = Elliot, California, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com

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9 responses to “Emergency News July 8

  1. Of course, death in an airplane accident are always a sad subject. The next day, a small plane crashed in Alaska with more than 10 people killed….And in the same time, an american drone killed several people without procedure, some iraqis were killed by a bomb….I’m always amazed at the value of the dead in medias 😥


    • always it’s another point of view, if Europe, Asia, Africa, USA – or South America is talking; sometimes we should change our media abonnements?


      • You’re right. For example, if in France all media speak about the samething, you can see a german version with ArteTV translated in French. For english speaking people, we have Al Jazeera, Arirang, and so much TV now


        • I prefer to watch Arte or EuroNews, because I’m always surprised what the German main TV channels ARD and ZDF are NOT talking about; I like to add CNN (often) and Al Jazeera (sometimes to compare…)


  2. elisaruland

    I just hear on the news that this was the first landing of the 777 for the Captain in command of the aircraft. I guess it has to be done eventually, but perhaps a few times without passengers….


  3. elisaruland



  4. More sadness, always more sadness in the world.


  5. I heard, pilot error and of the two deaths one was run over by emergency truck. A miracle more were not killed.



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