Photography + Media News July 7

The team introduces daily PHOTOGRAPHY and MEDIA news supporting the frizztext blog: frizztext edition: July 7. Today I’ve been moved by a gallery published by the “photographyblogger”: peeking-cats.

Secondly flickr photographers are feeding daily my group BLOG IT!. My choice for the “photo of the day”:
"Through Cat's Eyes" (Thank you Stephie) :D
title=”"Through Cat’s Eyes"” – photo by Tracey Stephens
I tried a similar shot, featuring my cat Emily, during her moments of reflection about: “Isn’t it senseless to follow a ball?”:
photo by frizztext

music of the day:
me testing the sound of an electric guitar…

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writer, photographer, guitarist

9 responses to “Photography + Media News July 7

  1. Amy

    I just subs the Looks really good!


  2. Wimbledon, Frizz! Too hot 🙂


    • cats would strike! The female German Wimbledon Final looser Lisicki weeped after the match, a real disaster for her. A cat would try to avoid, to come in such a situation!


  3. Frizz, could you make a longer version of this song? Really love the sound.


  4. Beautiful!
    I think you’re cat secretly likes sports!


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