frizz’ a {alone together}

a great and complicated concept: featuring oxymoron phrases…

bob's wife

a late entry … i will try to feature oxymoron phrases and relate to photos i think and feel will best describe or define them.

alone together

alone together … 

our two kids being so close to each other, yet being so far alone in each other’s world. many times we are so much like them when we feel that we are in a companionable situation with the spouse, friend or traveling buddy, but disconnected, disassociated or just plainly, alone together.

let us try to muster the chances of conversation, connection and simply being together.

be a part of  FrizzText’ s  aaa challenge and be connected

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2 responses to “frizz’ a {alone together}

  1. My part:

    good night

    Have fun together but keep a distance


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