Photography News July 4

The team introduces daily PHOTOGRAPHY and MEDIA news supporting the frizztext blog: frizztext edition: July 4. Today I’ve been moved by a photo published by the Telegraph: GAME OVER, President Mohammed Morsi!.

Secondly there are flickr photographers feeding my group BLOG IT! daily. My choice for the “photo of the day” – as a tribute to 4th of July as a reminder, that many good things were initiated by a revolution, may it in USA or Russia, Egypt or France – LIKE A REVOLUTION:
title=”Maquinaria Fest” (in Santiago de Chile) – photo by SoulSense [Oscar Ordenes – © Oscar Ordenes – UPI]

found my political art on Flickr’s daily EXPLORE page = the most interesting 500 pictures out of 4 million images daily sent to
Support Snowden
“little message” composed by frizztext, highest position at 301 on Thursday, July 4, 2013

tribute to street fighting:

history of Independence Day, 4th of July:

Whitney Houston sings National Anthem:

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6 responses to “Photography News July 4

  1. Laura Bloomsbury

    your picture reminds of of Cohen’s ‘Closing Time’ lyrics: ‘all the women tear their blouses off, and the men they dance on the polka-dots

    All very 4th of July but come the revolution, can we forget France’s ‘reign of terror’, Stalin’s purges, etc. Morsi was voted in democratically (with wind in his sails from the West) and then went for despotism!


  2. TBM

    That is a powerful photo.


  3. Great shots Frizz and well done on the Flickr Explore!

    The revolution will not be televised – Greece tv is broke etc but . . . will it be leaked and tweeted?


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