Photography News July 3

The team introduces daily PHOTOGRAPHY and MEDIA news supporting the frizztext blog: frizztext edition: July 3. Today I’ve been especially amused by an article published by the Telegraph: Fiat 500 takes to the sea = for those who like to take it easy. If your focus is more on politics: “A protester opposing Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi climbs on top of an electric pole…”.

Secondly there are flickr photographers feeding my group BLOG IT! daily. My choice for the “photo of the day”:
London - The Great Conservatory
title=”London – The Great Conservatory” – photo by John & Tina Reid
me on twitter about the case of Edward Snowden:
Thinkers have always been treated disrespectfully by the cliques of power rather than honored.

a jennie2 replied on “Don’t confound “thinkers” with “traitors” … ” – my answer: “Thinkers can not be a vassal.”

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2 responses to “Photography News July 3

  1. The structure in your photo of the day is intriguing.


  2. Love this photo, ft. 🙂


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