Possessions: Minimum – Maximum

green park house, yellow sports car, red suitcase: would be my maximum possession, but only the red suitcase is mine …
compare my minimum possession:
ultrabook, calendar, watch = always by my side…
wherever I am, I like to put the table near to the window … – if I had the money I would stay there all my life: Merian Hotel, Unschlittplatz 7, Nuremberg, Germany link: http://www.merian-hotel.de/#
e-mail to: merian-hotel@t-online.de

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writer, photographer, guitarist

9 responses to “Possessions: Minimum – Maximum

  1. Beautiful, so beautiful… I love windows… and to watch the life outside… window is a kind of thinking way for me too, inspires and makes me feel good… But of course it depends on where you are 🙂 Not in my city house!!!! Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia


  2. Lovely place. I certainly was near this hotel 20 years ago… And I’ve got not so many vegan adress in Nürnberg for my website dedicated to french vegan traveller… (joyeuxvg.free.fr pour les français qui passent ici). Maybe one day.
    Nice pictures, especially your graphical one with the colors!


  3. Wonderful photos…and what a fantastic hotel…love the view…and you are very orderly too! 🙂


  4. Pat

    I like the message about minimum possessions. It seems my laptop and my cup of coffee are the most important right now. But in an hour it will be my car and camera as we go on our weekly photo shoot. 🙂


  5. TBM

    I love to work by a window as well. My last job I stared at a brick wall 8 hours a day. It was crushing to my soul.


  6. Very striking colors, and that yellow car looks like a good toy. But I agree with you regarding the minimum possessions. That’s the best way to live… light. Wishing you a beautiful and enjoyable weekend, Frizz.


  7. Great hotel and photos. If I visit, I would stay there. Thanks for the tip.


  8. Nice sun-shiney car. Still, I’ll take my little bug every time. 🙂 Nice shot out the window.


  9. I like my window near my computer — lots of birds!


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