Wrong Place – Wrong Time

I fell in love with a covered bridge in Nuremberg, called Henkersbrücke = executioner’s / hangman’s bridge. If you had to walk this path in medieval times, it was your last walk.
I wanted to walk about this bridge too – in peace, not a death sentence in mind. Then a man with two dogs suddenly entered the bridge:
white dogs
My friend Akbar Simonse, Netherlands, commented: “I once saw a guy with two white dogs cross the street on a foggy winter morning at 5 am. I thought I saw a ghost…”
I answered: “it’s maybe not good, if you meet a guy with three black dogs at midnight with no moonlight …”

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16 responses to “Wrong Place – Wrong Time

  1. akbarsim

    You could be right there, but what about meeting a woman with 3 black dogs?


  2. A really pic of the man with two white dogs. Yes, I imagine there would be a problem if there were a man with back dogs and no moonlight.

    Amazing type of bridge across the river. To me it is not like anything that I’ve seen in pictures before.


  3. Wonderful photos and I liked the story that went along with them…thanks for sharing!


  4. Interesting story…


  5. Nice bridge. I’ll pass on the hangman, too, if you don’t mind, Frizz..
    Hmm- not much opportunity for passing that guy though. 🙂


  6. Astrid

    very nice foto’s as i also love these collour combination.
    In the old days 3 years ago I did often NIGHT walks with my black dog.
    the most beautiful 1 was 2 seldom seen very large beautiful dogs together with a white horse. so at night in snow time. Very fun was 1 body builder large man with a dog such a fighter big chest 1, both afraid for my small dog defending me…..


  7. Great photo….it feels like a fairy tale is about to unfold….what an amazing bridge


  8. It is better to meet one women without a dog


  9. Amy

    One dog and three women :d…


  10. A little bit spooky…


  11. elisaruland

    Terrifying! I’d have to run across with my eyes closed and would surely hit a post head first. It IS cursed!


  12. Very pretty bridge, and the dogs are beautiful, but that last picture WAS kind of scary looking!


  13. Ahhhh the stories behind that bridge. Makes you wonder. Fabulous shots.


  14. Thank God it was not the “Dog From Baskeville” with his brother.


  15. Good thing we’re not in medieval times. I wouldn’t want it to be my last walk.


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