Kaspar Hauser

Currently a team for haircutting is working in this house. Maybe I need a haircut for my memories…
haircut-kaspar by Frizztext
haircut-kaspar, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.
The place in Nuremberg, Germany, where Kaspar Hauser was found: I’ve written a lot about Kaspar Hauser (also some book reviews for amazon), because he was caught in a prison aged 0-14, without language, with complete isolation, an experiment to check, if he then could learn to speak. Horrible story – and something was similar to my life …

related book and film reviews,
two of my German fragments for amazon:


you can read on the stone: At this point KASPAR HAUSER was discovered for the first time on 26th of May 1828. Georg Leonhard Weickmann, who lived in this house at the Unschuttplatz no. 10, tried to talk to him.

something similar to my life, because I started my life in an orphanage 1945. Years later adopted but abused, daily corporal punishment and alone at night in a basement boiler room filled with coals. No one could hear my cries, because there where fire resistant steel doors. Later in school, I did not speak, only learned to write. I still like writing …

below: view from the KASPAR HAUSER corner to the other side of the river Pegnitz:

For sure under the roofs of Nuremberg were many horrible stories to tell, so 1945 in the Nuremberg trials a lot of horrible things, done 1933-1945.

below: covered bridge near the place, where once Kaspar Hauser was found, the man who could not talk …


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25 responses to “Kaspar Hauser

  1. Frizz, I had no idea! As often happens, I click on a pretty picture, never knowing the hurt behind. My own childhood wasn’t happy, but with no brutality or deliberate cruelty. I’m glad you found a way out, finally, and will enjoy your posts even more in the future. πŸ™‚


  2. …and writing likes you, Frizz! Learning to overcome is probably the greater school and many times -as in your case- creates a diamond!


    • hi Marina in Athens, actually I’m very impressed by your painting WAR at
      there are wars between cultures and nations, but between adults in their jobs too – and there is an open war vs. women in several cultures (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan…) – and a hidden war against children in some cultures (China, India, related to my experiences: Germany too).


      • Exactly right, not to mention our very own wars with ourselves. Hopefully one day we will realize that in war there are only losers and finally make peace…
        Thank you so much, Frizz!


  3. So glad you found your way back to the light!


  4. You are one strong person! God bless!


  5. FT, I didn’t know this story, thanks for sharing. I know you’ve shared some of your personal story before. To me, your ability to write about it shows how far you’ve come and how strong you’ve proven yourself to be. Keep on writing and we’ll keep reading!


  6. Amy

    This is a heart-wrenching story… I don’t know how you walked out of it and be who you are. I know it take more than courage … Thank you for sharing. We’ll keep reading!


  7. I feel for your Frizz. Life can be very hard. Good that you made it through.


  8. I hesitated to “Like” on here because there is nothing to like about such tragedies but I found this a compelling post. It is astounding some of the things that many have gone through in their youth. The beauty in it all is that if you can survive and rise above your life begins to have meaning.
    So well done, Frizz.


  9. I thank you for being able to write about the tragedy of your childhood. I don’t know how you are able to write about the suffering that you endured but with your writing of the abuse it brings the astoudingly big problem to the forefront and into people’s minds. Abuse does indeed continue and in my opinion I don’t believe that abuse of another human has diminishd in any country. It just seems to have become worse as world population increases.

    This post is a good one and well worth a read. Take care Frizz.



    • thanks, Yvonne, I found on your website
      my favorite philosopher IMMANUEL KANT
      with the quote:
      β€œWe can judge the heart of a man
      by his treatment of animals.”
      yes, and Immanuel KANT could have said:
      …by his treatment of enemies.
      …by his treatment of working class.
      … by his treatment of women.
      … by his treatment of children.
      and you are right,
      if you comment:
      “Abuse does indeed continue and in my opinion I don’t believe that abuse of … has diminished in any country. It just seems to have become worse as world population increases…”


  10. Dreadful history Frizz. I hope it helps you to be gradually telling small personal things.


  11. You have a lot of courage and strength, Frizz, and I’m so glad you found your way into the light!


  12. Difficult to ‘like’ but you know what I mean. You are courageous and have come out SO way on top! So much credit to you.


  13. It seems the harsher the life the stronger the character of a person. You are an example of a great overcomer. My friend and neighbor is from Germany. She tells of life when she was young and the family was starving and the children would go to the cemetery to steal potatoes off the graves. Thanks for sharing your story.



  14. I was guessing through your words and your silences.,,,,,I would never expect you could be able to speak about that so openly…
    It is clear you ,your heart and your brain won…You have good genes inside Frizz…!!!


  15. wolfgangfoto

    in my opinion the modern story of natascha kampusch is the worst case:


  16. It’s a horrible story. It seems that people have done these things to children throughout history, and it just keeps on happening. I’m so sorry you were abused, but I’m glad you are able to write about it once in a while. You are also able to tolerate writing about other people and places that remind you of your own pain, and that’s not easy at all. You pass your strength on here at your blog.


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