Frankfurt Mainhattan

Frankfurt with the river “Main” is a German city with a nice skyline and some bridges, so they like to call themselves Mainhattan.
Mainhattan Bridge

I’m going to lay down my burden, down by the riverside:

A ship named ISTANBUL in Frankfurt: it made me smile; currently you come to prison, if you are simply standing there in Istanbul. Good idea to escape from there via Danube, up to the river Main in Frankfurt and have some party there – in freedom.

Working with money in Frankfurt allows to build some skyscrapers to sharpen the corporate identity.

The skyscrapers of the financial district are the modern church towers of the money religion.
Euro sculpture at the European Central Bank, Frankfurt/Main

photography and media news by frizztext / frizztext edition June 21

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19 responses to “Frankfurt Mainhattan

  1. Nice to see some of Frankfurt!


  2. Ditto. And how about Down by the Riverside? Pete Seeger. Sonny and Brownie. They do it great.


  3. A compact yet so powerful image: “skyscrapers to sharpen the corporate image”.


    • bankers are like bees,
      but collecting money
      instead of honey…


      • Definitely they are very bad ‘B’s. But you’re right, watching the avid scrabbling of the bees to stuff their pollen sacks, does put one in mind of the money grabbers. The bankers only take, and manipulate markets, heedless of the misery they cause ordinary people. At least the bees have their little kazoos, and make the garden hum, and fertilize our flowers. And some even make delicious honey, and lots of healing substances besides, to say nothing of candle wax. More bees less bankers.

        I did wonder if you might attempt ‘The Flight of the Bumble Bee’ on your kazoo. Now there’s a challenge. (I’m not serious).


  4. Love your cryptic comments on life, Frizz! Have a happy weekend. 🙂


  5. very beautiful views of Frankfurt….Even with a european wall street !


  6. I enjoyed the picture of the people on the grass and the bike riders coming by… it looks like a beautiful day.


  7. Amy

    It has changed so much, I still remember how Frankfurt looked like when I paid my visit a decade ago… Beautiful photos, Frizz!


  8. wonderful as always… Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia


  9. I was there in 1971 and don’t recognize it at all…it was beautiful then, now it is spectabular. Thanks for the re-visit!


  10. die bekannteste Brücke ist der Eiserne Steg ……….. ……

    schreib doch mal was über apple – äppler -am veräppelsten …

    schönes Wochenende und danke für den Panoramatipp!!! sieht echt besser aus


  11. Just flew over Frankfurt a couple of days ago and took some snapshots of Mainhattan from the airplane…
    Yes, Mainhattan is very special, but not my cup of tea 😉
    Have a HAPPY weekend 🙂


  12. At first glance I thought you had misspelled Manhattan, lol! Lovely photos of a lovely city, Frizz — one day I hope to travel and stop by there.


  13. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    That Euro sculpture is very VERY vivid.


  14. I feel like I had a very informative tour. Thanks …


  15. Frankfurt is the city I was born in but I haven’t been there in almost 40 years. I’ll have to rectify that. Nice architecture,


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