hot day

hot-day by Frizztext
hot-day, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

oh my, we had a hot day: 102.2 °F / 39 °C – fountain: Frankfurt, summer in the city

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writer, photographer, guitarist

10 responses to “hot day

  1. Frizz, we’ve been having 43+C… Today at my son’s school they are having the P.E. closing party with inflatable pools and water games… Children have so much fun on the hottest days 🙂 beautiful picture, Alexandra


  2. Amy

    in Frankfurt?! I didn’t know it could get this hot in Frankfurt. Stay cool, Frizz!


  3. Nice way to keep cool on a hot day. We use some of out fountains in this manner as well.



  4. Sonel

    A hot day is always nice when there is water around to cool off in. Nice shot Frizz. 🙂


  5. Wonderful, a hot day with cool splashing water…just perfect


  6. I love a hot day! A little soothing music, or just the sound of the water? Beautiful. 🙂


  7. that is way too hot.. i can’t even tolerate our summer with temp ranging from 35-37deg…


  8. We had a hot day too!!! but not as hot as yours 🙂


  9. Sounds too too hot. Hope you can find a cooler spot.


  10. That is one inviting looking fountain!


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