PhotoFunia: FrizzGuitar

In my dreams I play guitar in the band of Luzz on a Broadway musical:

PhotoFunia-frizzguitar by Frizztext
PhotoFunia-frizzguitar, a photo by Frizztext on Flickr.

Erdogan is hanging as a large poster in Ankara and Istanbul from big buildings – in North Korea we have the same with another despot. PhotoFunia now helps to blow up YOUR ego! Check out the online software. Three steps and you are famous! What a pity that it is only a road to fakes…

the comments at flickr to this photo (Akbar Simonse: “I see the police already installed a mobile command post…”) made me write down the feedback: “notice the white police car, they tried to catch me – but I escaped, using the black stretched limousine…”
another sinner:
NY, security routine

do you like another mood? Maybe this:

hear lonesome me, without any friends, fingerpicking my e-guitar:

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writer, photographer, guitarist

22 responses to “PhotoFunia: FrizzGuitar

  1. Great photo! You created your own curves!


  2. You’re a star Frizz!


  3. i love it!


    • dear Seonaid, your Amy Winehouse in UK at last – seems to be a duty for musicians, the self destruction from talented to infamous – no rehab they always say … – Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston – or as for my male colleagues: Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix – who knows more?
      blond(e) guitar


  4. Sonel

    LOVE the “Wanted” poster Frizz. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*


  5. Love the poster!!!! [in gold coins too!]


    • You would take the gold pieces by revealing me to the police? No more trust in $ or €?


      • Revealing you? Never, Frizz!
        As for the currency, $€¥£ or gold, all the same aren’t they?! 😉


        • hi Marina, one is delivered more quickly to the police, than you think. In Istanbul, it’s enough if you just simply stand there silently, without moving. This is interpreted as an illegal resistance against the Islamization of the country by Erdogan. In Frankfurt, where I am, you would be treated like a criminal if you join the demonstrations of the “Blockupy” movement, which criticizes the strategy of the European Central Bank.


  6. WOW! A very creative post. We all know you are famous now we have proof of it. : ) Nice poster! Must look up the software.



  7. Love this sensible humor in your pictures
    Have a fine time with people you love


  8. A new guitar ? Fender thin line ?


    • nein, das ist so ein halb-akustischer Billig-Nachbau aus Japan – aber man kann darauf etwas schneller mit den Fingern umherirren als auf einer strammer gespannten Akustik-Gitarre. So schöne Gitarren, gar selbst gebaut, wie du, hab ich natürlich nicht:


  9. Frizz, all are great posters and I love your play of “Songs of freedom”.


  10. I thinkl I saw that poster before at the police station.


  11. Imagination gone wild! Even if it’s an on line tool, it’s cool! Bus Stop! Two thumbs up!


  12. what a beautiful post, I loved it. Thanks and Love, nia


  13. Love the way you super imposed you photo on the WANTED poster.


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