It seems, that Erdogan plans to bring the Turkey back to Islamism, leaving the democratic culture of Europe, adoring the political style of Iran (and Assad in Syria?).
The Turkish Woman
title=”The Turkish Woman” – photo by Artun York, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
Two labor unions in Istanbul currently are trying to open the Taksim Square for public protest again.

too much gas in Turkey actually, Mr. Erdogan…
sometimes it is not easy to feel safe…
Gasaanvalbestendige kinderwagen / Gas war resistant pram

Gas war resistant pram – Originally uploaded by Nationaal Archief


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8 responses to “Istanbul

  1. Do you think which city will be chosen as a venue of Olympic among Istanbul, Tokyo and Madrid ?


    • you would prefer Tokyo, Nia would prefer Istanbul – and I’ve been in Madrid adoring the guitarists there – maybe they should take the money for introducing the musicians of the world?


  2. What a contraption for a poor wee babe 🙂


  3. did you see the way young people catch tear gas bomb to put in in water tank…I saw a video of istanbul protest in a turkish site but didn’t manage to find it now 😦


    • actually people were brought to prison for the simple sin only to stand there without a word, no poster, nothing: provocation enough in that land! Next Olympic Games there? They want to knock out Madrid and Tokyo.


  4. This is so sad for my country and for my beautiful city Istanbul. Nothing stops, especially with his speeches… Being so hurtful, unjustice and undemocratic… But nothing will be same as before anymore, they know there is a power of democratic people… But I am afraid they try to improve the weapons and responsibilities of the police against the public protests!!!!! Thank you dear Frizz, Love, nia


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