Trifecta by im pastor rick
Trifecta, a photo by im pastor rick craig on Flickr.

Getting older myself (aged 68), I like those series introducing OLD HOUSES – the very concept of Pastor Rick Craig!


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9 responses to “Trifecta

  1. I love those old houses and barns. If only I could stop and take a picture each time I spot one.



    Nice mood!


  3. Sonel

    Same here Frizz. Old houses have so much character and it’s like they always have lots of stories to tell. If only they could speak but you spoke for them with that lovely guitar piece of yours. 😀


  4. Your music always gets me singing along!


  5. loved the guitar piece. I think you could have found a better illustration of getting older though, than this house and car that are falling apart. Some folks grow old gracefully…


    • for example Queen Elizabeth? No, I’m kidding. Of course I adore your wonderful house in Jerusalem with the garden and the friends and large family. I’ll do my very best (together with my wife), that my house will not fall apart…


  6. Great photo. Your guitar piece is perfect for it!
    Enjoyed listening as I read and surveyed the image 🙂


  7. Neat looking old house! It’s fascinating to picture the life that has gone on in it over the years!


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