Now Listen!

Sometimes you want to say really clearly your opinion into the face of government! Would YOU have some advice for YOUR government? [My defence minister in Berlin has spent millions on a U.S. drone (Euro Hawk) that is not allowed to fly at all in Europe. The stupid man should quit his job!]
not impressed.
title=”not impressed” – photo by alicia.aleman, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter her galleries on


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8 responses to “Now Listen!

  1. Heavens, Frizz, just where would one start? The whole of our welfare state seems about to be dismantled. Our local authorities want to franchise all social responsibility. Duh! Does not compute. Munch’s The Scream comes to mind!


  2. Ours is a lost cause and I think the cute dog would make better decisions!


  3. i hate the ‘ningas kugon’ mentality of the government.. “Ningas kugon” refers to the Filipino cultural trait of very enthusiastically starting things, but then quickly losing enthusiasm soon after.. “kugon” or cogon is a tall perennial grass.. “ningas” means flame.. literally it translates to “flaming grass”..


    • hi Elizz,
      we have a similar saying in German: “Stroh-Feuer”: a fire, easy to start – and soon to ashes. There are many ironic descriptions in literature about short enthusiasm, the opposite of perseverance …
      related to your flood in Manila / Philippines:
      we actually have a bad flood in Germany – the same disaster as 11 years before (2002).
      Two years they continued to build walls around some risked little towns, and then they stopped, because there were not a yearly flood. They forget the topic. Actually the water goes to their neck – and now they remember, that they stopped to build a wall vs. the flood …


  4. 2812 photography

    Love the dog! The list for complaints against my government is a bit encyclopedic. On a macro scale I’d say one thing, “Cut the rhetorical crap and do what you’re supposed to do.” Sadly, I think my statement would fall on deaf ears.


  5. Apparently governments are not very popular. Do you think they may some day (soon) get the hint!


  6. The dog says it all!


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