Walk Alone

Freedom begins with a certain self-confidence, the courage to mind your own business. When do we notice someone who proudly walks his own line? For sure sometimes a little disobedience is necessary.
The following 4 photos were kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter the galleries of the different photographers on Flickr.com
L’atto di disobbedienza, in quanto atto di libertà, è l’inizio della ragione. Erich Fromm
photo by Co. Corradini,
title = “L’atto di disobbedienza, in quanto atto di libertà, è l’inizio della ragione.” [Erich Fromm]
English: The act of disobedience, as an act of freedom, is the beginning of reason. [Erich Fromm]
German: Der Akt des Ungehorsams, als ein Akt der Freiheit, ist der Beginn der Vernunft. [Erich Fromm]
just us two
title=”just us two” by *kirpppu
A spasso per Villanova (Strolling around Villanova) * Explored *
title=”A spasso per Villanova (Strolling around Villanova)” by Gufoblu
Snowy day in Brooklyn
title=”Snowy day in Brooklyn” by Ohh Shh Its Jon

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12 responses to “Walk Alone

  1. Wonderful post…love how you chose the series to post.
    Thank you.


  2. They couldn’t be more different, but each very beautiful. A celebration of individuality. 🙂


  3. Self-confidence and great style in these single striders!


  4. I love the alley cat!


  5. This group of pictures reminds of Thoreau’s . . . A proponent of solitude: “By my intimacy with nature I find myself withdrawn from man. My interest in the sun and the moon, in the morning and the evening, compels me to solitude. “


  6. All beautiful photos…


  7. Cats just grab our attention .. this one does. All the photo’s manage to showcase your thought, Frizz. I agree with Frances antoinette on Thoreau.
    I am off to see the post you did. Thanks …


  8. wolfgangfoto

    lovely idea
    great shots


  9. Great!!!! I love as well the cat..May be because is looking straight to the camera, defiant…


  10. A great idea – you always have an original take on life.


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