Memorial Day

Some holiday weekends give opportunity to reflect on the history of a country. Unfortunately, the historiography often depends only on the description of wars. Celebrations focus on hero-worship. Skepticism is rarely practiced. “The Indians who first discovered this Columbus, made a discovery that would prove to be very uncomfortable …” once remarked my favorite writer G.C. Lichtenberg (1742-1799).
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15 responses to “Memorial Day

  1. sent to twitter too:


  2. yes, when one ponders the history of the slaughter of indians in the americas, the destruction of their ancient cities, the destruction of their histories – i am so ashamed…. in all of these years, our governments have learned so little, as the destruction and lack of respect for others continues.


  3. Dietmar, it is true that far too much history has focussed on war and “conquerors.” Sadly Christianity in the past has done a lot of damage in places like our country, Canada, with residential schools and the abuses that went on there. The church however in recent years has been engaged in working with our indigenous/first nations peoples here in Canada by involvement in the truth and reconciliation and equality process. You can check out more information on this here: and here:


  4. Memorial Day. A day of remembrance. But sometimes our memories are selective.


  5. It is very essential to read between the lines of recorded history Frizz. Always two sides to a story. And the victor isn’t always the ‘good guy’.


    • you, Madhu, coming from India, know a lot about British influences – and actually, visiting South America, you, for sure, do realize, what Spain & Portugal destroyed – and built up – discovering this continent …


  6. Memorial Day is the time to remember the heroes who fought for our freedom. It is also a time to remember the people who originally called called our land “home.” There is something sad about the history but it is something we need to reflect on.


  7. Truly it is sad to consider the crimes and atrocities of our species. The audacity of the conquering whites to revel in their history of colonization, their “settling the West”, and “those great frontier days”. The nearly total annihilation of a people. However, the American Indians survive across America, in pockets, mostly out West, and they struggle mightily to preserve their traditions. Ironically many Native Americans have served and died in the United States Armed forces. We must stop every now and then to remember the dead and fallen. And resolve not to allow more people to die in wars for no good reason.


  8. perfect:
    “We must stop every now and then
    to remember the dead and fallen.
    And resolve not to allow
    more people to die
    in wars for no good reason.”


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