Dorothy and the Tornado

We heard in the news about the tornado in Oklahoma, Moore. 10 children death toll. Especially for two primary schools had been no plans, how to protect the children, if the next tornado would visit the town again. There are many photographs of destroyed houses in the news. I was excited when I found this composition by Adam Baron on Flickr: ART maybe can be a reminder, that we are obliged to discuss better plans for the next tornado coming.
Dorothy and the Tornado
title=”Dorothy and the Tornado” – composition by Adam Baron Photo, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
other compositions, remembering the history of ART: Cristina’s World + American Gothic

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10 responses to “Dorothy and the Tornado

  1. Back in the day I can remember all of us as gradeschoolers being sat against either wall in the school hallways and told to put our heads on our knees whenever a tornado threatened. Now I hear many schools have started trying to put in storm shelters in preparation for these occurrences. Thankfully, things have come a long way when it comes to these types of natural disasters, but there is still a long way to go.


  2. But if the wizard of Oz begins in kansas the end is happy 😦 …..Oklahoma has many tornados each years and especially during this season and much people have some underground shelter or cave to protect themselves. Why not schools ? To spend less money ? other reasons ? Many questions to answer


    • for my no comment picture of yesterday, I would like to find a picture of moore with creative commons rights….I didn’t manage to find one and I chose another subject. copyrights, always copyrights…


  3. What an amazing shot! Is it for real?
    We watched the tragic devastation on TV Frizz.. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.


  4. incaunipocrit

    Reblogged this on The Blogspaper.


  5. Laura Bloomsbury

    something need to be posted about this awe-full topic and you’ve managed it with real humanity


  6. Wizard of Oz is a magical movie and I wish tornadoes are not devastating in real life. Unfortunately it is and at this time of grief, I hope and pray for our a piece of rainbows and smiles to our sisters and brothers on Oklahoma and elsewhere in the world ravaged by calamities.


  7. The Wizard of Oz is a fantastic fairy tale that captivates children. Unfortunately, a tornado like a hurricane can do so much damage and destruction. In the fairy tale everything goes back to what it was right away. In life, children have nightmares and grown-ups suffer through rebuilding. Prayers and donations will probably help a little but family and friends by their sides will be their comfort. Great image, Frizz.


  8. beautiful work dear 🙂 thanks for sharing


  9. So tragic.

    Our biggest risk here is earthquakes. Most of the population lives along a large fault. When I was in school, we were taught to get under our desks during an earthquake.


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