Neo Nazi Trial in Germany

“The banality of evil”, a terminus of the philosopher Hannah Arendt referred to the Third Reich, actually becomes true here as well. Though not millions of people were killed as in Nazi Germany during WW II: but the modern neo-Nazi attacks undermine more and more cities in Germany. There are probably many “banal” followers: police covering facts, intelligence agencies removing files, judges performing callous, tactless, arrogant towards the international press…
Anti-Fascism !
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15 responses to “Neo Nazi Trial in Germany

  1. Can you explain it, Dietmar? Why, after all these years, and all the suffering that Germany endured as a result of the war… there are still Germans who are nostalgic about the Nazis?


  2. incaunipocrit

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  4. What a sad situation. It sounds like you do not have much hope in the justice system of Germany today, that it has become sympathetic to nazi ideology, and corrupts the truth. What, do you think needs to happen to turn this around?


    • As the Allies in 1945 organized their anti-Nazi trial in Nuremberg, film cameras were there. The trial of Eichmann in Jerusalem, reported by Hannah Arendt, was filmed. Now the trial in Munich can not be filmed. The press is harassed with many tricks. International media must increasingly look to the cover-up strategies swelling in Germany .


  5. So discouraging. So incomprehensible.


  6. Although it was hard at first for us to visit Germany, the dear friends we have made there make it feel by now like a second home. (That seems incredible still to a girl born in Brooklyn just before WWII.)
    It has been Germany who has faced up most bravely and honestly to the Nazi past. (Richard Weiszacker (sp?) was an important part of this.)
    Now it seems like we may be slipping backward in time — and in behavior. So sad.


    • actually I do not like how the German film industry in Babelsberg is searching for heroes of WW I (Richthofen) and WW II – my opinion: during these periods of mental illness of the whole nation there were no heroes at all, only idiots


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  8. Short memories and nostalgia are sometimes a dangerous pair, particularly when swept up in the banality of the masses.



    I just cannot understand this?


  10. The trend is similar across cultures Frizz and it is scary.


  11. Allyson Mellone

    “The Banality of Evil” – succumbing to the easy answer.


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