Maybe on Syria

“Hullo!!!” This little critter was trying to say hello, but made ​​a small mistake. I think it would be interesting to interview many different creatures: for their perspective, their views on life, past, future, dangers, hopes. At least actually he does not live in Syria. Where survival is currently not easy.
Longhorn Beetle (Anoplophora beryllina, Cerambycidae)
title=”Longhorn Beetle” (Anoplophora beryllina, Cerambycidae) – photo by itchydogimages = John Horstman, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter John’s galleries on
the atlantic wire: israels second attack was a big one

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27 responses to “Maybe on Syria

  1. Just a brilliant match-up of photo and idea/words!


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  3. Great image!
    Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know what they are thinking.
    The birds here are vigilant of predators, like cats, hawks and eagles. Some seem to know exactly what to do to get treats from us. The scrub jays know they just need to sit on our deck railing and look at us through the window so we will notice them, sometimes looking very cold or hungry. They might be thinking, “those people are so gullible.”
    Well, they are just too cute to resist!


    • “…Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know what they are thinking… They might be thinking, “those people are so gullible.” frizz-reply: as I read GULLIBLE I had to ask google translate (I’m German, you know, leichtgläubig) and realized the term means something like brainless follower; my first frizz-translation (of course wrong) was something like: gullible = they are looking like Gullivers [ similar to Kafkaesque as tribute to Franz Kafka] – do you know GULLIVER’S TRAVELS by Jonathan Swift? One of my favorite novels. About the topic, that small persons (like children or insects) like to dream, they would be strong and powerful like a giant! [I’ll write Wednesday more about this …]


  4. A very interesting idea! The photo is amazing, as well as the caterpillar and the yellow spider close ups. Is it a spider?


  5. Amy

    Thank you, Frizz for getting us to think about it, insect, unclear, wars….


  6. Wonderful shots in nature


  7. Wow. Great shots and important, timely information to think about at the start of my day. Thanks Frizz.


  8. Amazing shots…some thoughtful comments as the week begins…


  9. What a superb capture! These creatures must surely laugh at the human delusions of superiority and immortality :-)


    • dear Madhu in India,
      I know you do not have Panda bears in India,
      [and currently no attacks from Pakistan
      vs. Bumbay] –
      but maybe this version of charming moths
      made it across the border?
      Just how much can a panda bear?!
      by our photographer of the day, John Horstman:
      title=”Just how much can a panda bear?!” – macro photo by itchydogimages – ONE MILLION page views, on Flickr


  10. Great picture… Does Insect survive to Sarin Gas, as UN reports that rebels in Syria are using that weapon ?! …. I’m thinking about those animals used to test chemical weapon somewhere in “civilized countries”, as we say…..


  11. worth thinking about


    • dear Shimon, Assad delivers weapons (from Iran) to Lebanon (he feels, he could come to an end now in his deconstructed Syria); if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear technology in the future – then Lebanon would attack Israel from the backside – that was the analysis given in German TV yesterday. I’ve heard that only insects have the capability to survive heavy modern wars …


      • I’ve heard the same… about insects being the only ones to survive. And it might be true. I’ve also heard that there is a natural deterioration of each species. That just as a species evolves for a while, at some point, it begins its dissolution and descent. I’ve even seen examples of that in snails off the coast of Greece. In the case of humans, it could be that our cleverness, combined with some very primitive features, might be the end of all of us. Seeing the end in sight might be enough to sadden us, but it probably won’t be enough to make us change our ways.


      • Many in Canada would agree with the analysis on German television that Israel is giving alot of countries the ideal excuse for a strike back…. What are governments thinking? On a universal scale, we are like your (beautiful) insects but can be wiped out more easily…


        • if Israel would be organized in Canada, for sure their living would be easier; the absurd president of Iran had the idea to bring Israel’s population to North Germany; he will not rest to disturb their peace; a better goal: women’s liberation in Iran – so we could go on; the insects for sure do not understand us …


  12. Stunning shot! :)


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