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As I read an article about rejected books this morning, featuring children’s author Seymour Chwast, I considered, if one of my books ever would have a chance to find a publishing company? Maybe not. Reasons: Too much autobiography, maybe too much philosophy, maybe not enough fashion, music, sports, fitness advice? I always enjoyed self-publishing, at first in German, now in English – not my native language, but I’m always proud, when a comment of one of my blog readers makes clear: he / she could understand me, though I’m only writing a specific frizzenglish. Mostly print editions are too expensive, but you can order my last book as a cheap (8 $) digital PDF-version (ignoring the soft cover or expensive hardcover versions): fragments-and-feedbacks
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title=”big small” photo by jelens / Helena in Barcelona, Spain, click on the picture to enter her galleries on
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21 responses to “Rejected Books

  1. I like the frizzenglish ­čÖé And the photograph… Wonder who would have the patience to read so much – given the short attention span we’ve cultivated off late…


  2. Your frizzEnglish is better than some English peoples English!


  3. The world has far too much fashion and fitness advice as it is – frizzenglish very charming…


  4. This is a marvelous picture, Dietmar. Like yourself, I write in a foreign language, and I know quite well, that as much as we try to learn the ins and outs… there is always something that escapes us. A real Englishman can recognize us from a distance. But still, this is the universal language for a few years… and then it will probably be Chinese. As for printed books, they are already on their way out. And just in time for me. I love them so much, but don’t have anywhere to put them anymore. They are piled up to the ceiling, covering all of my walls… and still I love them…


    • dear Shimon,
      my thickest book is the Biblia Hebraica – yes, I learned the letters – and my thinnest a mini-dictionary for old Latin – to survive all the translation diplomas in the schools … – nowadays I enjoy the google translate software – actually I try to translate my own book review at
      about my favorite French philosopher Michel Foucault – maybe the next chapter in my print edition “fragments and feedbacks” May edition:
      your words for the introduction always …


      • Marmorne Strafmethoden, 19. Januar 2010
        Von FrizzText “frizz”
        Rezension bezieht sich auf: ├ťberwachen und Strafen: Die Geburt des Gef├Ąngnisses (suhrkamp taschenbuch wissenschaft) (Taschenbuch)
        Foucault hat u.a. mit seiner Untersuchungs-Richtung “├ťBERWACHEN UND STRAFEN” einen der wesentlichsten Grundz├╝ge der Gegenwarts-Gesellschaften aufgedeckt, hinter denen die Analysen Sigmund Freuds oder Alfred Adlers wie Primaner-Arbeiten verblassen. Seine Theorie der MACHT-aus├╝benden Institutionen hat an Aktualit├Ąt, was ein Nietzsche oder Kafka noch nicht formulieren konnte. Nietzsches Schreiben war eher ein folgenloses N├Ârgeln. Kafkas Texte sind zwar wie Alptr├Ąume (oder extreme Satire) – aber gab es je eine politische Wirkung von Literatur? Foucault ist nachhaltiger in seinem Einfluss. Vielleicht, weil die franz├Âsische Gesellschaft Philosophie ernster nimmt als die deutsch sprechende? Nach Foucault hat das Christentum Unterw├╝rfigkeit und Korpsgeist erst vorbereitet, dann zementiert. Dies konnten sich die nachfolgenden neo-konservativen Konsumgesellschaften global zunutze machten. “Die Bourgeoisie ist intelligent, scharfsichtig und berechnend. Keine Herrschaftsform war jemals so furchtbar und damit so gef├Ąhrlich, so tief eingewurzelt.” Die neo-konservativen Eliten reduzieren sukzessive mittlerweile unwidersprochen die b├╝rgerlichen Rechte, sei es Meinungsfreiheit, K├╝ndigungs-Schutz etc. – sie subventionieren die Spielschulden global t├Ątiger Banker-Cliquen aus Steuergeldern und feuern kritisierende Gewerkschafter wegen vorgeschobener Bagatellen in die Arbeitslosigkeit und in das Existenz-Minimum. Scharfsinnig und berechnend wird von oben nach unten tyrannisiert – nur mit feinen, marmornen Methoden und mit den hektographierten Textbausteinen der Verwaltung. Das an den Pranger gestellt zu haben war Verdienst Foucaults. Res├╝mee: Man w├╝nscht sich den in den westlichen Gesellschaften meistens nicht hinterfragten Dressur-Systemen Familie und Beruf, Verein und Parlament (Fraktionszwang, ein deutsches Wort) diskutierende Gegner wie ein Foucault es war. Seine Thesen m├╝ssten in Talk-Shows gelangen, nicht die t├Ąglichen beschwichtigenden und verharmlosenden TV-Nebelschleier – damit sich die Kunst verbreite, “nicht derma├čen regiert zu werden…”
        please google translate, help me – [under construction]:


        • Marble criminal methods, 19 January 2010
          FrizzText of “frizz”
          This review is from: Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison (Suhrkamp paperback science) (Paperback)
          Foucault has inter alia one of the most fundamental principles of the Present companies revealed by his study towards “MONITORING AND PENALTIES” behind which the analysis of Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler fade as schoolboy works. His theory of POWER-performing institutions has relevance to what a Nietzsche or Kafka could not formulate. Nietzsche’s writing was more of a nagging inconsequential. Kafka’s texts, although like nightmares (or extreme satire) – but there was ever a political effect of literature? Foucault is sustainable in its influence. Perhaps because the French company philosophy takes seriously than the German speaking? According to Foucault, Christianity has submissiveness and esprit de corps prepared first, then cemented. This could be the subsequent neo-conservative consumer societies took advantage globally. “The bourgeoisie is intelligent, shrewd and calculating. No form of government has ever been so terrible and so so dangerous, so deeply rooted.” The neo-conservative elites are gradually reducing meanwhile contradicted civil rights, be it freedom, termination, protection, etc. – they subsidize the gambling debts globally operating banker cliques from taxes and fire criticizing union because of the advanced Bagatelles into unemployment and the existence minimum . Perceptive and calculating being bullied from top to bottom – with fine marble and methods with the mimeographed text blocks administration. To have pilloried had merit Foucault. Summary: One of the most in Western societies unquestioned Dressage systems work and family, club and Parliament (whip, a German word) disputing opponents like a Foucault wishes it was. To be “not being governed …” so that spreading the art – his ideas would go on talk shows, not the daily soothing and trivializing TV mist…


  5. Yes, Frizzenglish works for me ­čÖé


  6. “Frizzenglish” made me smile this morning. I hear you loud and clear. ­čÖé


  7. This is a most enjoyable post. Thank you!


  8. I would like to take a picture of the piles of books up to the ceiling , covering the walls..that ShimonZ explains , beloved books are always something magical..Cheers.


  9. Allyson Mellone

    I believe we are socialized to the commonalities of our society not the abstractions. Seymour Chwast’s rejected books are abstractions. They are thought provoking and exercises to more expansive thinking. I would want to share those kind of books with my kids…but of course, what do I know, I’m not a parent.

    Your frizzenglish is admirable. I would not dare write more than a simple sentence in French, a language I have studied to read for research.

    And books, I love them so! 3000+ all around me in my NYC apartment…like having a piece of the world around me ­čÖé


  10. My book was rejected, too, so I grabbed onto self publishing and have been happily chugging away at it since 2009 ­čśë I’v bookmarked your book for when I have some cash, LOL!


  11. “frizzenglish” … I like this name you have created! It works just fine for me!


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