New Dutch King

Europe likes kings. We have some absurd old kings in Spain and Sweden. Charles is still waiting, his mom likes the pomp too much. But in The Netherlands Queen Beatrix was friendly to her son. Now the next generation is in the job. In Amsterdam all generations made a big party together.
Our New King Alexander and Queen Maximá
The photographer Ben Visbeek lives in Amsterdam. I often featured his photos in this blog. Now this one is his latest work with the title: “Our New King Alexander and Queen Maximá”


I'm part of Post A Day 2013
step by step I enjoyed more and more the comments of my readers. They often inspired me to dive deeper into a topic. The result now is a print edition “Fragments And Feedbacks” – 100 pages, only words, no photos, a “best of” (so far) out of more than 1,200 articles – if you are interested please visit fragments-and-feedbacks

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24 responses to “New Dutch King

  1. yes, you right about prince Charles.



  2. Charles will be a very old man by the time he is king.


  3. Our Adventure in Croatia

    yes, when I saw Charles in Holland, I also thought he was thinking “will it ever happen to me?”….


  4. museconfuse

    Europe sure loves their royalty. But it does have a certain charm I guess n


  5. Poor Charles 🙂
    What a wonderful idea to compile all your meaningful comments into a book Frizz!


    • dear Madhu,
      often the blog posts with most views, faves or comments are not the most important articles. If we look back after some months we realize other posts – and comments – remained in our heart, appearing in our daily thoughts. Blogging means to find out a balance between diving into own personal history and development of language – and on the other hand: to find topics which are attractive to all readers… – in my book, after an advice of Shimon in Jerusalem, are many autobiographical fragments … – not any posts about the Dutch King or the Boston Bombers, Fukushima or the Titanic…


  6. Japanese imperial family visited Amsterdam last week. It was a big news. 🙂


  7. Allyson Mellone

    King, Queen, Prince, Princess. Are we in the 21st Century? Tell me about your NYC book. I am very interested. Are the images by you and Barbara? What time period are you covering?


    • we stayed some weeks 1997 and 1996 in New York, invited by our Jewish friends there. My wife is a professional photographer and tried to produce a somehow lyrical photo gallery featuring her impressions. I believe you found the link at
      she is the photographer – and I’m trying to write some articles about our life …


    • Allyson Mellone

      Frizz, your “New York: A Lyrical Mood” is compelling. I bought a copy and wish you and Barbara could sign your art :). I first came here in 1989 at 23. I was not prepared for such a big city life coming from Hawaii. After a year of struggle and sheer disappointment I left a year later to attend college in upstate New York. I returned in 1997 with my husband Jim to lots of obstacles and more disappointments as I worked to make a life here. Through it all, I have come to love this City. I have never felt at home anywhere else. I value other’s perspective and captures of this City as it enriches my life. I look forward to receiving the book. Allyson.


      • my wife Barbara is very proud, that you like our New York book!
        found a website, featuring YOUR art:


        • Allyson Mellone

          Frizz and Barbara, Jim and I had the most relaxing evening last night looking at your book “New York: In A Lyrical Mood (” The image quality is lovely along with the size and texture of the book. It’s a real art of a book you both created!

          I left this review at your Blurb Bookstore (

          Here it is:
          I purchased this book as a collector of photographic images of New York City and as a resident admirer. This book is filled with rhapsodic images, each photographed with their own impassioned mood. You go through this book, image by image, experiencing a lyrical mood that is created through the juxtaposition of architecture, aerial views, and street scenes, providing an experience of “happenings” during that place and time in 1997. The images are reflective and beautifully photographed and covered end to end with compositional style. Bravo to you Frizztext!

          so…new kings, queens, princes, princesses…and even more room for more fine art!


  8. Dietmar,, I have to say on this one, I just cannot understand how any nation can reconcile democracy and monarchy!!!


  9. I think the monarchy is more or less a relic of the past, however I do like Queen Elizabeth as a person, I think she is a person of integrity and faith. Interesting idea for your book, using comments from your blog, congratulations in publishing it.


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