1st of May

1st of May – deconstruction tactics: For the butcher after an animal was killed. For the owner of a factory: when workers still are alive.
the happy butcher
title=”the happy butcher” – photo by Wolfgang Hermann, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr

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step by step I enjoyed more and more the comments of my readers. They often inspired me to dive deeper into a topic. The result now is a print edition “Fragments And Feedbacks” – 100 pages, only words, no photos, a “best of” (so far) out of more than 1,200 articles – if you are interested please visit www.blurb.com: fragments-and-feedbacks

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10 responses to “1st of May

  1. That’s a picture that takes a bit of strength to look at, Dietmar. I posted on the same subject today… do you guys still celebrate this holiday?


  2. vastlycurious.com

    Happy Bloody Holiday Frizz!


  3. But by now it also became a real celebration day and I hope lots of people will actually go out and celebrate 🙂


  4. Happy May Day Frizz, just the day Apple announces a record bond sale to avoid paying taxes on all the cash it has stashed abroad.

    Love the shot of the happy butcher.


  5. When I was (very) young, I would walk to the chicken market and buy eggs for my mom. The owner looked just like that man, all covered in chicken blood. There were cages with squawking chickens, blood stains on the concrete floor, and eggs to be bought. You would not see that here today. Still, oddly enough, a fond, though grizzley memory.


  6. Someone has to do it as long as people continue to eat meat, it is a bit of a thankless job despite the fact that it takes alot of skill to cut properly and with finesse… have to admit that I am well on my way towards being a vegetarian for health more than ethical reasons… Happy May Day!


  7. My local butcher doesn’t look like that. Now I;m worried he isn’t putting his all into it


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