About Safety

When do YOU feel safe – or where? Recently I read, that cats do not feel really comfortable, if even slow-moving objects are around, but they start a panic state of mind when there are fast-moving objects or loud noises; most dangerous, near to certain death: water! My safest location: my armchair near the window, no phone calls, no job duties. The second Boston Marathon bomber tried to hide in a boat in a garden in Watertown…
IMG_1287 Is It Really an Easter Bonnet with your Cat Upon It?
photo kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! by Sally Van Natta, click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr.com
le lavabo d'Hypo (le retour)
title=”le lavabo d’Hypo” (le retour) – photo by Ysé Ah, click on the picture to enter the photographer’s galleries on Flickr
title=”BLUES-CAT” by Frizztext, on Flickr
do you know the bicycle adventure?


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15 responses to “About Safety

  1. I didn’t know that about cats, but I can see it in my own.


  2. The poor things does not look comfortable at all! But what a great shot! 🙂


  3. Hilarious shot. Poor cat.


  4. Amy

    That is a cool shot. Poor, poor cat…


  5. I learned something new about cats. Thanks. It must be exhausting having to be in such a hyper-alert state for most of your day. Can’t teach them relaxation exercises either. Do they pick up easily on their human’s state of stress, excitement, or any other strong emotion?


    • they like to have their daily same pattern of rules. It’s like a clock: every hour they change the room, doing different things – but like to repeat it daily or even weekly like a religious ritual. Their memory is their house in which to feel safe … – they hate completely new, not usual daily situations – for example driving with the automobile to the next vet …


  6. That cat looks pretty freaked out up there on that guy’s head!


  7. a good place to see all around for the cat
    but she is a little anxious


  8. museconfuse

    Ahh cats. And here I thought they were always so chill.


  9. Wonderful picture 🙂


  10. My darlin’ Phoenix is sitting at my feet asleep on the ottoman where my feet also rest. Can she not be content and comfortable? I hope she is.


  11. Allyson Mellone

    It’s a balancing act to sit on such a small surface, but I can see that it’s the highest place from danger in such a crowded place. I wonder if the man was walking or just standing in place?


  12. amazon book-review, German:
    Wundervolle Illustrationen im Cartoon-Stil und ein humorvoller, doppeldeutiger Text über die Befindlichkeit von Katzen- und Menschenseelen. Fand dieses Buch zuerst besprochen bei “brainpickings” und schrieb in Englisch einen Artikel dazu in meinem Blog flickrcomments bei wordpress unter dem Titel “About Safety”. Wann fühlt sich eine Katzen-Seele sicher, wann bedroht, wann eine Menschenseele, wie sucht man sich zu beruhigen? Eine amüsante Lektüre nicht nur für Katzenfreunde. Und die Zeichnungen bleiben todsicher im Gedächtnis!


    • amazon book review, English:
      Humorous Cat Psychology
      Wonderful illustrations in cartoon style, and humorous, ambiguous text about the well-being of cats and human souls. This book was first discussed at “brainpickings” in English and I wrote an article on this in my blog flickrcomments at wordpress under the title “About Safety”. When a cat soul feels safe, when threatened, when a man’s soul, how it seeks to calm down? An amusing reading not only for cat lovers. And the drawings remain in the memory for sure!


  13. These photo are very funny! I love them


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