Possessions Of Children

Recently I discovered at feature shoot an article about Gabriele Galimberti and her TOY STORIES titled “children from around the world with their most prized possessions”: children from Malawi or Kenya, Ukraine (some weapons) and Zanzibar, China and Haiti, USA (too much dragons) and Botswana (one monkey only), Thailand (motorbikes) and Italy (farmer’s tools), Morocco (on a nice carpet, like my grandson watch my picture above) and Albania (Barbie arrived there now!), Costa Rica and India: some children have only a few possessions, others seem to be overwhelmed; most important: they are able to drift away from where they are fenced in, trying to discover the great wide open …

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13 responses to “Possessions Of Children

  1. sad for children to have weapons to play with, but of course they learn what they see … love your grandson’s things above, natural fibres, colours, timber, and the zebra is almost the same as a dragon … quite fantastic 🙂


  2. beautiful photo…makes me feel it might as well be gold!


  3. Sociologists now believe that North American children are overwhelmed with too much “organized” activity (apart from too much stuff) and have no time left to be bored and let their imaginations run wild and free thereby leading to a dearth of original thought as adults… we knew that was coming…


  4. Perhpas you missed this post. I found the toy selections fascinating and in some photos disturbing. The contrast of the childrens’ toys was incredible. In my childhood – one doll – was all we had and the other gifts were always necessities such as gloves or hats. It’s impossible to imagine such differences. Nice post, Frizz.
    Have a Good Day … Isadora http://isadoraartandphotography.com/2013/03/20/wordless-wednesday-toy-stories/


  5. Amy

    This is interesting information! I used to buy one toy at a time for my daughter, now I let my grandson pick toys in the store 😉


  6. I have a handful of toys that I’ve kept from when I was a kid.
    When my hubby and I were kids, we went outside to play as often as we could when we weren’t doing homework or, for me, working on the farm where I grew up. I don’t see kids playing outside very much any more.


  7. A zebra setting sail on an imaginary sea! 🙂


  8. Your grandson certainly has beautiful toys.


  9. This is a beautifully constructed photo! I love the colors. So playful.


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