Decade Of War

As a tribute to the anniversary of ten years war vs. Iraq (or Afghanistan) several newspapers published photo-galleries. Some of the photos are shocking – nevertheless I ask myself, if they really have some doubt, if it was right to do so … – all war photography seems to be in vain, if we look to the goal: do not kill …
Snapshots of Task Force Brawler [Image 3 of 3]
title=”Snapshots of Task Force Brawler” photo by DVIDSHUB, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter his galleries on
seven related galleries of news magazines:

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27 responses to “Decade Of War

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  2. This is all so heartbreaking. George Bush and Dick Cheney never served in the military. (Bush’s daddy pulled strings to get him into a cushy National Guard job, that he never bothered to show up for.) They drummed up false information to justify rushing the US into unprecedented pre-emptive war. Ten years later, after 200,000 deaths, 4 trillion dollars wasted, and no way to calculate the human suffering of broken survivors, widows, and orphans, Bush says he has no regrets. Maybe if they had served as soldiers, or even medic, they might not have been so quick to send other parents’ children off to fight like so many plastic toy soldiers. But he will get away with it, like he always does. I don’t know how how when we can ever really see an end to this.


  3. It’s important to have these photos for history but it’s sad to think of why we have to have wars to begin with. The power struggle still is in effect … maybe, one day … no more wars.


  4. Mr. “Frizz”

    On your article, Airshow Triumph, you mentioned the sadness involved with aviation used for military purposes. I agree. Being young, I am sometimes naive to the pain and destruction war -especially these aircraft- cause. They are powerful, swift, maneuverable and in some ways majestic; still sometimes I do ponder and reflect, sometimes a little regretful in my awe for military aircraft.
    Though they may have a horrible bite, there is a bit of “majestic-ness” military aircraft have that I cannot escape, nor do I want to. I do, repeatably agree and think that it would be much better if these aircraft could be enjoyed solely for their aesthetic/photographic qualities and their excellent aerobatic/avionic performance.


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  6. Amy

    Ten long, painful years… heartbreaking photos.


    • hi Amy,
      though I’ve never been in a war, I very often felt like a war victim. Watch the picture:
      in the German magazine STERN: aged three a gang of teenagers robbed me and tugged me by a long steel chain through my hometown Wuppertal, 1948, past WWII mood and ideology. I was robbed 2 p.m., the gang left me alone at midnight in a stadium, I was found next morning, 6 a.m.; not a nice adventure for a little boy just escaped from an orphanage. Nowadays no one will kidnap me with a chain, but by words, manipulation, mobbing, trying to oppress my blogging: it goes on and on in a Germany, where we find more and more Neo-Nazi activism. Besides the wars by military we have the hidden wars vs. liberalism, freedom of speech etc. – though I do not live in North-Korea or in Pakistan with some Taliban in the neighborhood, I still do not feel free.


      • Amy

        You went through a lot when you were just a young boy. It’s shocking to hear what is happening in Germany. With all the threats, one can’t really feel free. I often worry more for the next generation and grandkids’ generation. As the world is interconnected economically, racially, and politically, the complication of these issues is beyond discernment.


        • I’m trying to look through – all those adoring words about Albert Speer, Ferdinand Porsche, Karl Dönitz or Wernher von Braun, the vassals of Hitler; the movie-industry is producing films about the bombardment of Dresden accusing those troops, who tried to give liberty to an absurd and beastly Germany. The latest case: A court in Bavaria actually does not allow Turkish journalists to listen: 8 Turkish people had been killed from the Neo-Nazi group “NSU”. Police and German secret services deleted a lot of documents … – the times are coming back, creeping slowly and smugly, destroying even family structures …


          • Amy

            When I first heard about the accusation of bombardment was in Germany some years ago… Wars have always been brutal, but systematically killing target people of millions organized by a group is unheard of in our history.
            It chilly to hear about what was happening in the Bavaria…
            I appreciate you sharing your insights, Frizz. If you don’t feel like to save, please feel free to delete. Hope your Sunday is going well.


  7. Really amazing photos. That is one war I’d like to forget.


  8. There is only “silence and reflection” here, there are no words to describe these photos.


  9. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    These photos, my God – these photos… Is that what’s been happening while I’ve been in an office day in day out, photocopying, compiling paper, paper, paper.

    These photographers are awesome. I am so affected by those photos, it’s sort of difficult to express. Thank you for allowing me to see.


  10. Will mankind ever learn?


  11. Good that you remind us. Ten years! And for what?


  12. It’s tough to like a photo on war, even is its a tribute, but excellent photo.


  13. It’s hard to stomach this war in Iraq…it’s hard to stomach any war!


  14. Well of course dear Frizz I do not like this subject and it pains me to think of the brilliant photography from warscapes, capturing the trauma from every which way. Sadly the pictorial evidence of inhumanity continues to pile up . . . . yet every photographer is sending a message/plea for change.


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