New Australian Flag

I was surprised and amused as a recently read “A new Australian national flag has been proposed to replace the country’s current flag…”; the DESIGNTAXI reported that the historian John Blaxland had a new idea to make a distance to the old flag by using a boomerang etc. – related to modern Australia …
Thumbs Up [ Explore 27.1.2013 #341 ]
title=”Thumbs Up” [ Explore 27.1.2013 #341 ] photo by ralphb58., click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr [sent to my group BLOG IT!]
When I remember Australia down yonder (living in Germany), I grab my guitar and play “In the summertime, when the weather is hot…” once sang by Mungo Jerry (UK) and The Mixtures (Australia), – and kangaroos are hopping through my mind …

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17 responses to “New Australian Flag

  1. Like your Summertime strumming Frizz


  2. they hop around here too frizz!


  3. Laura Bloomsbury

    Yes! I can feel the heat – but Aussies heading to Autumn now 😉
    p.s. Muddy Waters born 100 years ago today – got some Delta blues?


  4. Laura Bloomsbury

    I can sort of guess what a mojo is! thank you for the round up of memories of this great bluesman


  5. I like that song too, and enjoyed your guitar strumming!


  6. museconfuse

    Nice strumming! Oh Australia, I do love visiting this land.


  7. Anonymous

    What a wonderful mix
    Have a pleasant weekend my friend with the feeling of springtime


  8. Here the name of the anonymous above:


  9. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Forgot you’re ex Aussie. Or maybe I never knew. I knew you are living in Germany though.

    I think without a doubt the Aboriginal flag should be represented in some way within the Australian flag. Without a doubt.


  10. I like your version of “Summertime”


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