Easter Sunday

Now we have Easter Sunday, tell me, what is YOUR ritual on this day?
above: SOL-Eggs, put them (cooked hard) two days into salty water, then divide the egg in the middle splitting the yellow exactly half and half, pull out the yellow, put into the hole vinegar (balsamico) and oil, put the yellow half (as a hat) back to the place, mouth wide open – enjoy!
2cupboard3D = Dog (ignoring cats)
6calendar7Red Cat Blue
kitchen panorama

I call our kitchen after my wife’s name: BARBARA’s RESTAURANT …
of course the video was made by her, while I was playing my guitar …

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writer, photographer, guitarist

18 responses to “Easter Sunday

  1. You can get anything you want … in Barbara’s Restaurant! The Easter Bunny (like Santa) still visits our house even though my kids are way old and we have a traditional Polish lunch at my mother-in-law’s….


    • Yesterday, my mother and I went to a Polish restaurant for dinner. Her mother’s family was Lithuanian and her father’s family was Polish, so stuffed cabbage, pierogies and potato pancakes are “comfort food” for us. It was just the two of us this weekend, so we went to a restaurant instead of cooking. Of course a Polish restaurant wouldn’t be open on Easter.


  2. when the kids are small, we used to hide boiled eggs painted with food coloring all around the garden and the kids will hunt and compare their loot.. there are a few eggs that have special notes in them (special prizes).. the kids were the one who paints them.. it was fun.. well, the kids are in their teens now.. no more egg hunting. by the way, emily is stealing the scene, she’s such a cutie 🙂


  3. wolfgangfoto

    it is a breakfast with all members of the family over several hours


  4. Happy Easter! I loved your photographs… especially your cat! Thank you, love, nia


  5. Amy

    I am tempted to cook the SOL-Eggs. Love the Barbara’s resturant!
    Happy Easter, Frizz!


  6. Now THAT’s a kitchen!


  7. Very nice Easter post, Frizz. Your cat is the perfect model.


  8. patriciaddrury

    Happy Easter to you and yours! ha ha, great post today thanks


  9. My custom: to celebrate the reminder implicit in this holy day, the daily rebirth of spirit as we learn and grow … despite the fact that on my blog today I celebrate the first day of Baseball Season in the U.S. !!! LOL! 🙂

    Happy Easter to you and yours, Frizz. Be well …

    Many blessings,


  10. Cool kitchen, dear Frizz, HAPPY Easter! Oh, Sol eggs, my dad used to eat them 😉
    My ritual is to dig into Niederegger Marzipan and chocolates over the Easter holidays 😀


  11. My sister’s mother-in-law injured herself this weekend, so I just went to visit my mother by myself. We have no real plans other than enjoying one another’s company.

    I managed to brush some matted hair out ouf the fur of my mother’s cat without hurting her, so I guess the cat had a pretty good day already.


    • “…After a couple of hours driving in circles around Paterson, we decided to give up on the idea of going to Pennsylvania and we went to get lunch…” = it is always good to change some plans, being flexible, brush that cat instead …


  12. Barbara has a nice restaurant with great entertainment laid on!


  13. Barbara’s restaurant looks cool! Your kitchen is cooler 🙂 Love everyone of those vibrant images Frizz.


  14. Wonderful music in Barbara’s kitchen. Love the red, white and blue colors.



  15. I had a good time looking at the photos! How fun! Thanks for the music too!


  16. That egg recipe sounds delicious!
    I’m sure Barbara’s Restaurant serves fabulous food.
    We don’t have an Easter ritual, but this year we visited the bird refuge that I like so much. I won’t mind having that be our ritual.


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