rooftop impressions

I like to sit on top of a roof to think it all over … below five photos by frizztext, click on the pictures to enter his galleries on
1 – Oia, Santorini, Greece
OIA, handmade houses
2 – Vlissingen, The Netherlands
Vlissingen, Netherlands
3 – Blankenstein near Bochum, Germany
snowy village
4 – Arnsberg, North-Rhine Westphalia
P.S.: no one knows ARNSBERG (Germany, North-Rhine Westphalia), but I lived there (aged 10 to 20 = an important fragment of everyone’s life) – maybe you like to visit the slide show below: after 40 years I returned to that city, where I started to learn guitar playing: and introduced to Arnsberg’s ears, where the journey on this “ship called guitar”, had carried me to (to a certain Mississippi feeling, strange for all the others in ARNSBERG):

5 – me, 1965, with a certain future tense …
my timeline 1945 - 2010

music association:
Walk Right In – The Rooftop Singers, 1963:

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

25 responses to “rooftop impressions

  1. some very nice photos here. I especially enjoy the first.


    • “I believe that an artist has to be pretty selfish or self centered in order to produce work.” Yes, Shimon, but sometimes there is an interim break: a death of a good friend, Passover rituals – but I’m sure you’ll come back to your art one day …
      Shalom and a fine Passover to you and yours!


  2. Beautiful, colorful rooftops, Frizz!!!!


  3. Pat

    I love the different roof-top photos, especially at different times of year. And of course the last one perched on a roof. Is that your favorite place to think, Frizz?


  4. Where the air is fresh and clean and, as your stunning collection proves, certainly worth climbing the stairs!

    Love the view of 1965!


  5. Great photos – from a different perspective. Interesting to see the different colours too. love the ‘odd one out’ on the VW!


  6. of course you and your VW are cool but Arnsberg wins by a mile!


    • hi Gilly, no one knows Arnsberg,
      but I lived there (aged 10 to 20)
      – an important fragment of life …
      and because you put the focus on Arnsberg:
      I dared to add a slide show now above,
      introducing my last visit of this town …
      I hope someone likes it …


      • I love it Frizztext and I’m happy that I helped you to think of it. Your steel guitar not only sounds amazing but its beautiful as well. Lots of great inages, notably the one where you have your guitar over your shoulde, the one in front of the log pile and the little blue window hatch. An important fragment of your life indeed, Arnsberg must be a very special place, I hope it holds happy memories.


        • hi Gilly in UK,
          the neighbourhood photos in your post inspired me to write about ARNSBERG:
          thanks for your description of my slide show!
          In every city we have the chance for good and bad experiences – had both.
          in WW II British air force destroyed the wall of a lake nearby,
          the Moehnesee… – many were killed by the flood;
          and after 1945, after the liberation, the British Broadcast brought
          wonderful new music inspiration to stupid Germany!


  7. prayingforoneday

    Please accept this Award.
    > Very Inspiring Blogger Award <
    I hope you can give this award to someone else deserving.
    Thanks you, and well done!


    • hi Shaun,
      thanks for the seven bridges to understand you,
      my favorites:
      2. I once managed a football team in front of 4,000 people in a cup final
      3. I spend most of my bad days (Pain) reading and researching things


  8. Allyson Mellone

    Really nice guitar playing, and also roof top images 🙂


  9. My late husband spent HOURS on our roof. He would have loved some of these. 😉
    The VW roof shot is still my favorite, but you must know that. 😉


  10. My ideal house would have a rooftop garden… I haven’t heard “Walk right in” in ages!


  11. I enjoyed your slideshow, Frizz!
    I like the variety and different characters of the rooftops, but Santorini is the best one for me. I have many wonderful memories from there.


  12. Wow! These are really beautiful rooftop views! I can see It’s a good idea to photograph the top of a City.


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