St. Patrick’s Day

Recently some cities, many pub communities and even single persons made their St. Patrick’s Day tributes. Enjoy below three different photographers, who sent their photos to my group BLOG IT! – click on the pictures, to enter their galleries on
Lexie dressed for St. Patrick's Day
title=”Lexie dressed for St. Patrick’s Day” – photo by THE Halloween Queen
The Greening of the Chicago River - 2008 Edition
title=”The Greening of the Chicago River” – 2008 Edition by Flipped Out
St. Patrick's Day NYC
title=”St. Patrick’s Day NYC” by jamie nyc
Up yer kilt too!
title=”Up yer kilt too!” – photo by Flipped Out
“The New York State Fraternal Order of Police Irish War Pipe Band march in the 252nd annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New York”:
“Margaret Farrell shows off Shanty, winner of the best dressed competition, at the Irish Kennel Club Pet Dog Expo 2013 in Dublin”
Irish Quotes:
for example three of the sayings featured there:
1 – “An Irishman has an abiding sense of tragedy which sustains him through temporary periods of joy.”
2 – “It is better to be a coward for a minute than dead for the rest of your life.”
3 – “Don’t give cherries to pigs or advice to fools.”

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12 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day


    Loved this!!!


  2. I love the dog and the green river! 🙂


  3. Enjoyed the wisdom at the end.


  4. Love the vivid emerald glow in all of these great shots!


  5. beautiful post…. I loved the dog and the I love this Irish dance… Thanks and Love, nia


  6. The dog looks insulted!


  7. Lexie has a precious face. That has to be a very gentle dog to let the owner put that on her.
    My hubby is a retired NYPD officer. He went to the parade many times to safeguard the crowds. He always brought back many stories of fun and mayhem.
    Thanks for the pingback, Frizz. It always helps to get them. I really appreciate it.
    Have a nice Sunday …


  8. And thank you also for the pingback Frizz, it was indeed a grand day for the Green!


  9. Love the green in all of them. I wouldn’t dress my dog with the hairpiece though, even for fun.


  10. Interesting quotes!
    I’ve seen a green river, but one thing I could not do was drink green beer.


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