world_water_day’s “bigpicture” published a good gallery as a tribute to the “world_water_day”! You can discover there Japanese men enjoying water during the Saidaiji Naked Festival (Hadaka Matsuri) or Italians diving into the Tiber River from the Cavour Bridge during New Year actions, watch the Marine Life Park in Singapore or a horse swimming through Loch Lomond in Scotland, students hit by a jet of water during a protest or nomad women, carrying water on their heads near Kabul; discover a water pump at a refugee camp or a cistern in Idlib, Syria – realize that water is very important …
elephant drinking water
title=”elephant drinking water” – photo by Ginas Pics, click on the picture to enter her galleries on

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17 responses to “world_water_day

  1. Great find! incredible collection of images…I specially appreciate how the feeling expressed changes slowly from from fun to beliefs to plain vital necesity… Thank you so much for sharing this collection. Alexandra


  2. Allyson Mellone

    Of course, water is life! 🙂


    • hi Allyson –
      I like your list:
      “your canvas
      your stage
      your music hall
      your photo op
      your field
      your essence
      your passions
      your inspirations
      your wonders…”


  3. What a great gallery of pictures for World Water Day, Frizz. Amazing. 🙂


  4. Amy

    Thank you so much for the link of A serious message there….


  5. Wow Boston is a great site!


  6. Water is holy: in Allahabad ~ 90 mio people are taking a dip in their holy river Ganga. Ganga the water is a deity in their belief. Ganga = Shiva


  7. What an amazing collection of shots Frizz! Thanks for the pointer.


  8. A most precious resource. There is no life without it.


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  10. Thanks for bringing my attention both to World Water Day and the nice collection of images, I was especially excited to see an Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race shot.

    Here’s my tribute – and inaugural post of “Fine Art Friday” – for World Water Day.


  11. Wonderful photos!
    We cannot live without water. I live in a desert climate and our area is dependent on snowfall in the mountains and the resulting water runoff from the spring snow melt to fill our reservoirs. A low snowfall total, like two winters ago, gets concerning.


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