Dedicated to all submarines

War is absurd. But nevertheless every month somewhere on the globe war is going on. Or they are preparing for the next unfriendly act. No religion did stop that. Maybe some religions gave fuel. And all those engineers too. I would like to have submarines for underwater tourism – not for military demands …
‘U155’ at Tower Bridge
“U155 at Tower Bridge” by National Maritime Museum, click on the picture to enter the Museum’s galleries on


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9 responses to “Dedicated to all submarines

  1. In Port el Kantaoui, northern Sousse Tunesia,
    – you can enjoy under water views.from a submarine.. 🙂


    • would like to watch some whales or sharks, turtles or penguins …
      mother and calf [explore 14.2.13]
      title=”mother and calf” [explore 14.2.13] by kerstin_meyer
      Manta ray
      title=”Manta ray by Yuxuan.fishy.Wang
      Penguin paradise
      title=”Paws” by fernandopinto


  2. There used to be a cold-war russian sub as a tourist attraction in Victoria’s Harbour – really like being inside a tin can and no vacation for the claustrophobic. Although I don’t condone what they represent I do admire the men who are brave enough to go down in them… With all that technology you’d think a moon base would be easy!


  3. I once went with my father to the Paterson Museum in Paterson, New Jersey. Paterson was one of the earliest major industrial cities in the U.S. due to the power from the falls there. In the museum, there is an old submarine called the Finean Ram by John Phillip Holland.


    • thank you for the link!
      “… operated by a crew of three men
      and, on one occasion, submerged
      to a depth of 65 feet for 2 ½ hours…” –
      well, that at least, has changed …


  4. petit4chocolatier

    Gorgeous pictures and I agree with underwater tourism.
    I love the penguin and tiger pictures 🙂


  5. Thanks Frizz, my son is a submariner and he would make a great underwater tour guide 🙂


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