If women are allowed by their husbands to leave their home for work: that’s not emancipation! Mostly it’s only supervised work under bad conditions: In Bangladesh for example, where recently 100 female workers lost their life by a fire in a clothing factory. In India still “dowry death” is a problem, the killing of little girls, not a genocide but at least a “femicide” as activist Rita Banerji from Calcutta writes. China managed to bring extremely down the female birth level: with absurd results. My daughters (an architect and a banker) – can they be glad, that they were born in Europe and not in Arabia, India, China? But equal human rights: that had been a global promise or not?
Beating the pavement heat
photo by Rita Banerji, Calcutta, click on the picture to enter her galleries on flickr. She comments: THE “50 MILLION MISSING” IS A CAMPAIGN AGAINST FEMALE GENOCIDE IN INDIA. MORE THAN 50 MILLION WOMEN HAVE BEEN KILLED IN INDIA IN LESS THAN A CENTURY.
“One Woman” Song launched on International Women’s Day 2013!

my favorite song related to “Women’s Day”:

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  2. FC: great post, and i’ve reposted…thx for sharing!! RT


  3. Or rather “unlike”. Hard to celebrate the overwhelming injustices that still pervade the world’s women.


  4. Yes, you are right. I have known some men who declare that nowadays they would never get married with a woman that doesn’t do anything (they mean work for money because for them the housework is not work at all) but they want the same woman to wash their clothes, clean the house, take care of the babies or kids, cook for them and serve them their food, while they are watching the T. V. or reading the newspaper. Emancipation? I say DOUBLE WORK. I vote for cooperation for the housework if both are working for money out of home.


    • double work: the German minister for family affairs (a woman, von der Leyen) said: “the best way not to get poor is, if both: men and women: work in a job for the family income…” – that’s idiotic cynicism, isn’t it?


  5. I reblogged this.


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  7. museconfuse

    My father loves his 5 daughters and I’m so happy he raised us to be strong, opinionated women. He has one son but I’ve never felt any difference in the way he treats us.


  8. A great post Frizz, isn’t it a beautiful song. Our daughters are indeed lucky to be born in the west!


  9. It’s mind-boggling! Our children are forced blessed. Now if we could just have a more loving society. Things have changed so much since I was young. I don’t walk the streets with the same comfort. Hope. In time…


    this line leaves me speechless and depressed… enough already!


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