Shanghai Architecture

Shanghai has a breath-taking skyline featuring the world’s top architects. My daughter (an architect herself) comments: “testosterone inspired constructions …”
The Ship Imprint (Explore 2013-03-04)/船过留痕
title=”The Ship Imprint” / “Lujiazui night” (Explore 2013-03-04)/船过留痕 by Brady Fang (Shanghai), click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr [kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!]
My Five Favourite Buildings (

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13 responses to “Shanghai Architecture

  1. Like Flash Gordon without the space suits!


  2. super modern skyline


  3. It’s like looking into the future except it is now!


  4. Your daughter made me smile. Human world, especially during night seems amazing with the light and of course Shanghai is one of them… Otherwise I really don’t like these taller buildings…. Thank you, love, nia


  5. Fabulous, I just love cityscapes like thsi!


  6. Cool … architecture on steroids!


  7. Amy

    Incredible architecture! I may get to visit the city in a couple of months…


  8. I really want to go !! Have you been Frizz?


  9. I wish I could go back in time to old Shanghai, before being teleported back to this skyrocketing future . . . .


  10. Looks very futuristic. 🙂


  11. LOL (your daughter’s comment).
    That’s a beautiful shot of Shanghai with the architecture, lights, colors and reflections. Hubby went to Shanghai last year, but I’m not able to travel yet.


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