Do You Remember Me

“Do Lord, oh do Lord / Oh do you remember me? Way beyond the blue…” – I tried to fingerpick the melody of this old gospel on my acoustic guitar [key of F# major] – of course there are wonderful versions on youtube by Mississippi John Hurt (with a perfect history pics slide show) and by Eva Cassidy (her breath-taking a capella version, R.I.P.)

Blackfoot Chief at Bow River
title=”Blackfoot Chief at Bow River” – photo by Edward S. Curtis in 1910, uploaded to by sylkky2

Missisippi John Hurt
Do you remember me = Way beyond blue

Eva Cassidy

“Way beyond the BLUE…”:
extraordinary symbols
photo above by frizztext, church in Greece, Santorini

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writer, photographer, guitarist

19 responses to “Do You Remember Me

  1. Nice job, Frizz. 🙂
    Happy Monday!


  2. A beautiful song and an evocative image!


  3. Your song played while I was pressing the coffee a few feet from the computer. nice music to start my morning, thanks!
    “Do You Remember Me” took me back to my Mississippi childhood roots in the Delta.
    Eva Cassidy; what a powerful and amazing woman whose voice will forever touch our lives. For some reason, her death strikes me as more tragic than most.

    “I Shall Not Be Moved” was a song that our cook sang after the prayer and before we dined during special events. I can still picture Jenny standing to my father’s right. As the song progressed, her swaying became more animated… Although I don’t have a recording of her singing that song, it will forever be branded in my mind as if she were singing in person in the present!


  4. Thanks, Frizztext.. I looked at more song, and this one reflects the version that Jenny sang for us:


  5. Lovely music Frizztext, very soulful.


  6. Pat

    Oh, Frizz. Yours was absolutely beautiful and brightened my day. Thanks.


  7. What beautiful music, thank you for sharing today!


  8. tutankhamon61

    This is great!


  9. Great picking, frizz. The john hurt version is excellent, pics and all, but I really love the late great Eva Cassidy.


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  11. Beautiful guitar playing again, Frizz!
    An impressive portrait of Blackfoot Chief.
    (Are you familiar with the art of Bev Doolittle? I have some of her beautiful Native American artwork in my house, as well as others of her “camouflage art”.)


  12. Great guitar playing and I especially enjoy Eva Cassidy and I have a CD of her which I love to listen to.


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