Travel theme: Bridges

Ailsa at wheresmybackpack – travel-theme: bridges inspired many bloggers to post the topic BRIDGES. Though I prefer usually to analyze the metaphorical content of those basic experiences: below are some real bridges – in Venice. Maybe they have also been bridges in a metaphorical sense for me: understanding one of my daughters, who studied and married there; helping us, coming from North Europe, to love Italian lifestyle, history, creativity, friendly and positive communication, meals as a feast etc.
Santiago Calatrava's new bridge for Venice
2looking through ...3the bridge
5 photos above by frizztext, click on the pictures to enter the galleries on
maybe you have time to enjoy my Venice slide show – music in the background: me, on guitar, trying to play J.S. Bach on my Western guitar, steel strings: BWV 999 praeludium / prelude in D minor

and what about metaphor & music? well a prelude is a bridge into the next. if you had time to listen, then you’ll have noticed, that in the prelude I was searching with my hesitating fingers for only one certain point, the entrance door into the next, the bigger part of the composition…


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13 responses to “Travel theme: Bridges

  1. Oh but those photos are luscious, especially that last one! My daughter honeymooned there during Carnevale this year. It’s a very special place.


  2. Amy

    The photo with reflections under the bridge is too beautiful. Love the perfective of the last one.
    Thank you for taking us to Venice, a wonderful way to start my Sunday!


  3. very nice photos; especially the first.


  4. These are all stunningly beautiful Frizz! I am a huge fan of your Venice shots 🙂


  5. Our Adventure in Croatia

    thanks for the pingback… I can see you’ve also shared picture of Unique Venice 🙂


  6. Frizz, you have posted a zillion times and a zillion photos. They are always interesting and fun. But this is by far my all-time favorite. Your sentiment about your daughter is lovely and really speaks to who you are and what is important to you. The photos are just outstanding. Wonderful post!!


  7. Fabulous photos and I love the metaphor too!


  8. Venice is one of the cities I wan to visit


  9. Beautiful collection of bridge photos!
    I hope to visit Venice some day. It is high on my list of places I want to go.


  10. I love it – You did a get job, and I know it’s a lot of work.


  11. the sharpness, clarity, colour effect, lightning is fantastic!


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