Natascha Kampusch – Kidnap Victim – 3096 Days

Natascha Kampusch is an admirable person. Kidnapped at the age of 10, fled with 18: Not easy to handle such an ordeal! From the first radio message, from talk show to talk show, we watched fascinated their strengthening in the formulation of the unfathomable. Surely she has also received good therapeutic support, but the brunt of the trauma-processing was of course by her own. Congratulations, that she wrote a book. The newly published film 3096 DAYS should show to those who can afford it, what people are capable of: in the positive and negative sense…
Natascha Kampusch's case
title=”Natascha Kampusch’s case” – photo by Emiliano Capozoli / Emiliano Biancarelli, click on the portrait to enter the galleries of the photographer on – picture kindly was sent to my group
The cellar, where the kidnap victim was hidden for eight years, now was leveled to the ground by local authorities. My opinion: wrong: We do need a place like this for learning, telling next generations, other victims and so on, how bad certain people can be! Stasi prison in East Germany, concentration camps, Hitler’s house of birth in Austria: do not destroywhat is your opinion?
Natascha Kampusch eine bewundernswerte Person. Gekidnappt im Alter von 10, geflohen mit 18: Nicht leicht solch eine Tortur zu verarbeiten! Von der ersten Radio-Meldung an, von Talkshow zu Talkshow, verfolgten wir fasziniert ihre Erstarkung bei der Formulierung des Unfassbaren. Sicherlich hat sie auch gute therapeutische Unterstützung erhalten, aber die Hauptlast der Trauma-Verarbeitung lag natürlichbei ihr selbst. Glückwunsch dazu, dass sie ein Buch publizierte. Der jetzt erschienene Film “3096 Days” möge  denen, die es verkraften können, zeigen, wozu Menschen fähig sind: im positiven wie im negativen Sinne.


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18 responses to “Natascha Kampusch – Kidnap Victim – 3096 Days

  1. oh my god I hadn’t heard about this poor girl. Kidnapped when she was only ten? sigh… I agree that the cellar should be leveled.


  2. What a remarkable young woman, I hope the rest of her life is complete happiness.


  3. There are far too many cases just like this are popping up all over the world. I think they must have happened in the past and never hit the media. I don’t know whether we should keep the houses “alive” or bury them along with with our memory. One just wishes for healing of these ills and others like. We should be able to walk – and let our children walk – the streets in safety and without fear. Impossible to understand such cruelty.


  4. museconfuse

    I’ve never read about this case but have read similar cases. She has tremendous courage to make it through such an ordeal and I do hope she will have great happiness and joy for the rest of her life.


  5. I am currently reading the book on the kidnapping of Sabine Dardenne – 1995 in Belgium


  6. Amy

    What a courageous young lady! Thank you so much for sharing the story.


  7. I think Natascha did an extremely brave and great job with writing a book and being so public about her kidnap.
    But I also think, that we should keep certain places like this cellar for next generations. Otherwise it’s likely to forget and ignore.


  8. These trauma’s sadly follow those who experience them throughout their
    lives despite therapy. Society has been doing horrific thing, always … we just hear about them more due to the media. Sometimes, the media puts out too many things that are frightening to us. I wish there was a better balance. These things should be heard but – how many and how often?
    Good post, Frizz.


    • maybe you read in my blog, that I was traumatized in my childhood by orphanage and a daily ritual of corporal punishment and nights in a cellar; so I’m interested how other victims overcome those memories, when they are grown up and escaped….


  9. wolfgangfoto

    there is a lot of the story in the dark and therefore are current examinations to find the real truth
    but over all natascha kampusch is a mysterious phenomen


  10. Our Adventure in Croatia

    I read Natascha’s book last year….. it was so visual, so heart-breaking, I don’t know how she managed to get thorough every day, I am not sure I would have survived.


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