guitar: bass vs treble

You may know I like to play guitar. And I like the correspondence one can create between the bass and treble strings. So maybe you like to listen to my audio file:

My stringed instrument making studio 1
title=”My stringed instrument making studio 1″ – photo by guitarmate, click on the picture, to enter his galleries on
maybe you have time to watch one of my guitar videos on my photo-stream:

maybe you like to visit “supportingnewmusic”:
they support for free musicians, for example: Me

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15 responses to “guitar: bass vs treble

  1. Very relaxing music, Frizz, and I loved the ‘Hat parade’. You look well in that Rembrandt hat. 🙂


  2. I love the guitar and regret never learning to play it! I do play piano though but rarely have time these days. Music is so relaxing and therapeutic!


  3. sounds very nice… the video too.


  4. Amy

    Start my morning with your beautiful guitar playing! Thank you, Frizz! Traditional you looks really cool! Love the Hat Parade 😀


  5. Lovely music, just my kind but I don’t have the patience to practice…Thanks!


  6. …”maybe”? Our pleasure, Frizz!


  7. all very nice – i love the ‘click on’ middle image as well. nice perspective!

    thanks for giving the cormorants, kingfishers, herons and stilts some competition for this morning’s playlist! z


  8. Soothing. Thanks 😉


  9. Thank you Frizz, wonderful playing, gorgeous music!


  10. Yes, it was a pleasure listening to your music!


  11. Dayofgrace

    Nice job!

    Was just listening this, which you may also like:

    Dire Straits – Local Hero – Wild Theme LIVE (On the Night, 1993)


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