tree and thought structures

When I’m thinking or talking, writing alone or publishing: then I’m always feeling like expanding, growing like a tree. The structures reaching to the sky, created by a tree – so are thoughts floating into the great white open of a new. Recently an experiment surprised me: tree-structures mirrored help to focus on the expanding process of those plants – maybe a God hides behind those plans – or simply mathematics vs. gravity. Maybe thoughts are maths vs. the gravity of the old world “before”, trying to create a new world “after” thinking and supervising …
click on the following pictures [sent to my group BLOG IT] to enter the galleries of the different photographers!
1 untitled photo by “dear caffeine”
2 “My Favourite Tree – Winter” by TrishaR16
My Favourite Tree - Winter
3 “Táj – Landscape” by Adam Tomkó
Táj - Landscape
4 “Valley Forge park in snow – The lone tree” by Erik Anestad
Valley Forge park in snow - The lone tree
5 “When I’m Alone I listen To The Sea” by AleQuero
When I'm Alone I listen To The Sea
6 “A Tree On Its Own” by
A Tree On Its Own
7 “Wooden House” by Dariusz Klimczak
Wooden House
8 “Oak in the mist”: EXPLORED! by tina negus
Oak in the mist: EXPLORED!
9 “The trail” by Sprengstoff72
The trail
10 – related:
11 – myself …
12 – myself with an archive of thoughts …
wood & steel

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11 responses to “tree and thought structures

  1. Lovely post of tree photos. I have been shooting some winter trees and finding the beauty of winter. I like your collection very much


  2. …”as above so below”!
    Beautiful post dear Frizz!


  3. Stunning images…the first one is breathtaking and holds a whole story, and I just love that treehouse 🙂 what wonderful galleries you gather!


  4. Tina Negus

    nice selection


  5. Great job pulling together beautiful tree images. The “tree house” reminds me of something by the artist, Rene Magritte…



    Each tree in this blog represents its own world. They show more than just a tree, but a spot in the landscape one can get support from, an object in the vastness, one can fix the eye on. Especially “The Trail” expresses this.

    Thank you for compiling this gallery.


  7. This is a great post – and that first photo is so amusing!


  8. The strength of the mighty oak.


  9. Those are beautiful tree images. I’m most intrigued by the old, distinguished tree growing alone on the beach.


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