I shall not be moved

“I shall not, I shall not be moved – just like a tree planted by the water: I shall not be moved!”
Flooded Avery Oak
title=”Flooded Avery Oak” by StevenSmith1, click on the picture, to enter his galleries on Flickr.com
I shall not be moved” – I like this great old blues. Though I’ve been moved very often in the past by shock and permanent fear, I like to perform this song daily on my guitar, like a ritual, an emotional castle vs. all those little or not little personal or global catastrophes.

me, playing resonator guitar near to my favorite tree
“I’ve thank to fight and holy,
I shall not be moved
Just like a tree
planted by the water
I shall not be moved” etc.
At first I heard these lyrics performed by Lonnie Donegan in Europe (Skiffle), later I discovered the origin: Charley Patton, 1929 Delta Blues Guitar Legend; actually my favorite version: Hans Theessink & Terry Evans singing for the flood victims of New Orleans …

used for a modern political statement vs. Iran,
version by Mavis Staples:

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9 responses to “I shall not be moved

  1. Your version the best but could only listen to snippets of the other 3 as I have to get to school. The third with the singing was good to start the week,too. Like the tracks in the tall grass leading to the tree in your photo


  2. wolfgangfoto

    eine sehr tröstliche melodie ,schön gespielt von dir


  3. Amy

    I like how you play the song, very moving… Mavis Staples’ is really powerful! Thank you so much, Frizz! Have a great week.


    • hi Amy,
      I had tears in my eyes as I watched the last youtube IRAN video with the voice of Mavis Staples – for me the change from “I” shall not to “WE” shall not … – so many people on the world are fighting with courage – and the internet is a great tool to support those efforts!


  4. Great shot with the guitar…. it looks like an album cover!
    Thanks for the visit over at CTB 😀


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