Make Me A Pallet On The Floor

Some love stories started like this: Snow fell. It was late in the evening. And then he asked her: Can you make me a pallet on your floor in the kitchen …

link to the lyrics:
“By the cold sleet and slow
No telling how much further I may go
Oh make me down, make me down
Make me a pallet down, soft and low
Make me a pallet on your floor …”
The following 5 photos related to the lyrics of “Make Me A Pallet On The Floor” [Mississippi John Hurt] were kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the pictures to enter the galleries of the different photographers!
1 – photo by flickaway1 / Brent Looyenga
2 – photo by ~esbr~ title=”Old mountain dairy in winter” |explored|
Old mountain dairy in winter |explored|
3 – title=”a winter tale” by Claudia Gaiotto
a winter tale
4 – title=”Tout est calme…au Village!” by richard verret
Tout est Village!
5 – title=”Snowy house in the forest” by RuudMorijn
Snowy house in the forest

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14 responses to “Make Me A Pallet On The Floor

  1. An old car in danish dress up – red and white… “lol”


  2. Ah! it’s almost 6 a.m, and I have been up for an hour because of the strong rains. I am surprised that we still have power!
    What a great bonus that I am able to stream this music with zero glitches, and have started my day with happy music!
    Thanks, amigo! ‘H’ is about to head your way!


  3. It’s perfect white. Beautiful.


  4. Amy

    Love to start my Sunday with your guitar playing. Thank you, Frizz!!
    Enjoying seeing the beautiful snow scenes, sunny and warm (60s) here…. 🙂


  5. Nice pictures; beautiful rendition of ‘make me a pallet’. All very enjoyable.



    Thanks for hooking me up more in Flickr


  7. Very nice images. Beautiful lighting. Blessings, Robyn


  8. Those snow covered roofs are gorgeous! And I enjoyed your lovely guitar work Frizz 🙂


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