“Ahh well” ! I suppose that’s a no !

Oh poor “rockon friver” aka Alan Williams – I like to play guitar too – but I noticed, that not every time an audience needs your music – so I learned to prefer to upload some audio .wav files: who wants and likes and has the time, he can click and listen:

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writer, photographer, guitarist

11 responses to ““Ahh well” ! I suppose that’s a no !

  1. lophics

    Reblogged this on Lophics's Blog.


  2. A good day to click and make time to listen, as it’s Saturday and no school!
    Thanks for your good sounds.


  3. Oh, I “want AND like” even if my time is limited! Always happy to listen to Frizz play! 🙂


  4. Pat

    Ahhhh, just what I needed this morning. I love your music – you can come to my computer and play any time you want. Thanks for the fun and very enjoyable post.


  5. Love this piece…relaxing with my coffee this morning!


  6. wolfgangfoto

    music needs its time (you cannot play it faster; – except you are silly or crazy) and so it is a good idea to load it down and hear it later.
    not all music is for all people “music”

    und da fällt mir auch noch ein :
    Musik wird störend oft empfunden, daweil sie mit geräusch verbunden


  7. Amy

    Thank you, Frizz! Wonderful treat, always!


  8. I “like” very much!


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