Bodies in motion

The “Big Picture” posted a wonderful article with the title “Bodies in motion: Dancing around the world” They introduced a Haitian child and Iraqi female police, Indian women and a man from the Naga tribe, Figure Skating Championships or a Libyan rebel, ballet or Swing dancers, Tango or opera performers, a mother with child while shopping, grandpa with grandma, Egyptian youths marking Prophet Mohammed’s birthday – etc. yes there are many reasons to move or even dance: the four photos below were shot by myself …
happy dancersflamenco, ivory + ebony
tango, b+wtango-run
4 photos above by frizztext, click on the pictures to enter my galleries on
Dancing Triptych
Triptych: Dancing

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20 responses to “Bodies in motion

  1. Ever wondered how many songs have the word dance in them?


  2. PSsquared

    Fantastic photos.


  3. I love this post. My sister used to be a dancer in a modern company when she was younger.


  4. akbarsim

    I remember whet you took that shot top left. I have one of the same girls…


  5. The bodies in motion, maybe the most beautiful body in motion is the woman’s body you have in your arms when you dance tango, jive or pasodoble… 🙂


  6. museconfuse

    Good eye! it’s tough to capture dance in motion and I think you’ve done so beautifully 🙂


  7. TBM

    Wonderful photos. I’m not much of a dancer, but I still like to try.


  8. Love them all – great motion capture!


  9. I like the motion blur in the 4th photo. It really captures the excitement and swiftness.


  10. Wonderful stream with living pictures
    My part seen near the nordkap:



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