cats and humans

People wish to live together marked by friendliness and care. Not riddled with deceit and addiction, to outwit the other. If a cat is stalking, all have fun, that she forgets by all her egocentric, that a bird has wings. But the desire to conquer, put in a cat, also unfortunately is created in man. The cat has two sides, not just the warm, cuddly, purring. And fighting and war are unfortunately not eliminated even in human society. Birds have wings. People sometimes cars, boats, feet that carry up to the next refugee camp.
photo by Kevin Law Photography, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr [sent to my group BLOG IT]

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13 responses to “cats and humans

  1. I like the photo and REALLY like what you wrote….thank you…food for thought.


  2. Wonderful photo and thoughts today.


  3. I have 4 (5) cats and agree in all points
    Here is a picture with one of my cats ( later killed by a to fast driven car) and an unknown beauty in my bathroom at home:
    the little voyeur


  4. Photo and commentary both appreciated.


  5. TBM

    Well said and great photo


  6. One of our nicknames for our kitty is “the serial killer” and there has been a lot of press about this side of cats recently. Love how you brought it into aspects of human behaviour…. Kat


  7. marcelino guerrero

    Great narrative and photo!


  8. Amy

    Well said about people…


  9. I saw this segment recently on one of our national news programs:

    I like all the wild birds that visit. We don’t have cats. Neighbors have cats that roam the neighborhood freely and several like to hang out in our yard, instinctively drawn to the smaller critters. (But then there are also hawks around here that hunt little birds and critters. Hubby saw a hawk catch a finch in our yard. There is danger on the ground and in the air for the little critters.)


  10. What is this about? human deceit or cat smarts? >>> What happened? I noticed you stopped by my blog and left! That bad!? 😆


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