Modified Animals

oh my goodness, I was surprised, when I discovered the “genetically-modified-animals” at funofart: a fish mixed with an apple or a banana, a turtle with a melone, a spider with an onion, a frog with a potatoe or a strawberry, an iguana with a cactus, a lion mixed with a dandelion – and then I realized, that the catfish, once sent to my group BLOG IT, also was a clever photo shop trick:
42 inch catfish -- yeah, finally caught the big one..
title=”42 inch catfish — yeah, finally caught the big one…” – photoshop trick by sci_guy, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr [sent to my group BLOG IT!]

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20 responses to “Modified Animals

  1. marcelino guerrero

    very nice editing!


  2. Horrible, glad they do not really look like this!


  3. wolfgangfoto

    a tschernobyle


  4. They must have a lot of time on their hands!


  5. You would love the Worth1000 site – hours of photoshop fun! Sorry I can’t give you a link – nasty iPads….


  6. Amy

    MY Goodness!! 🙂


  7. museconfuse

    Hey! It’s a catfish! I always wondered how they really looked like before ending on my dinner table. 😉


  8. Purrfect choice for an illo! Thanks for following my blog!


  9. Very interesting and creative. Good thing they are only digitally modified.


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