Yellow Art

Ritual performances like pouring out some YELLOW pollen (pollen, collected in small pouches, is used by North American Navajos) on black or greey stone or pouring out something wet like milk is often a part of the ART events, created by Wolfgang LAIB – read my amazon book review below …
Yellow and Grey
title=”Yellow and Grey” – photo composition by Olli Kekäläinen, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr [sent to my group BLOG IT!]
I’ve once written a book review for about the artist Wolfgang Laib, “A Retrospective”:

my text there:
“Milkstones, Pollen Fields and Wax Chambers …”, February 1, 2006
Milkstones and pollen fields, houses and ships, wax chambers and staircases – Wolfgang Laib goes back to the archaic roots of religious feelings with perseverance.

He is crossing the frontiers of time and country, of religion and philosophy – and he is a pathfinder of the bridges between each other.

You can find the symbol of the ship (the river “Styx”) in many cultures, also the staircase monuments, trying to reach the sky (Jacob’s ladders or pyramides) – no matter if it is an Indian, Egyptian or South American sky.

Ritual performances like pouring out something wet like water or milk or pollen (pollen, collected in small pouches, is used by North American Navajos) is often a part of diverse lifestyles. You have to wash, if you enter a moshee, you will use water, if you enter a Roman Catholic church. With milk everyone starts his life.

If we enter a “beeswax house sculpture” of Wolfgang Laib, we have something to smell, our sense of hearing is lessened and our skin is stimulated.

Margit Rowell, former chief curator at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, did the right thing, supporting this German artist, a mixture of Andy Goldsworthy and Joseph Beuys, Christo or Moore, trying to create visual basic subjects, helping us to contact our inner life.

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8 responses to “Yellow Art

  1. Yellow is a mysterious color, is associated with light or gold or the sun
    I love this color like van gogh

    Here is my part

    is this art ?


  2. Thanks for the post. A bit beyond my understanding, but I’m trying. Loved the video. Think I’d like to experience this exhibit.


  3. Enjoyed. Something worth further exploration.


  4. An interesting interview with Laib, like one of the commenters, I wonder about the pollen and it makes me sad to see natures resource used like that.


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