Weekly Photo Challenge: KISS

My cat wanted to kiss a goldfish, but for a while got not any response …
dinner cat
another day, another try:
F = Fishtank (my moose, my fishes, my cat)
photos by frizztext, click on the pictures, to enter my galleries on flickr – related: Weekly Photo Challenge: KISS
other photographers had much more success, trying to make a picture featuring a kiss:
title=”BEIJO – 15ª CONCENTRAÇÃO MOTOS – MONTIJO – PORTUGAL” – photo by prof. Lídia Ramalho, Montijo, Portugal – click on the image to enter her galleries on Flickr [kindly sent to my group BLOG IT]
or enjoy the wonderful gallery of kissing animals, collected by THE TELEGRAPH.co.uk Amorous-animals-show-some-love or some human kisses, shot in Paris: peter-turnley-love-in-paris
related: Weekly Photo Challenge: KISS
I'm part of Post A Day 2013
stats for 15th February: the Friday photo challenge (thanks to the dailypost-team), is a weekly KISS for my stats!
click on the stats for a larger size …

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36 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: KISS

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  4. Awesome and funny! :-)


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  6. The Goldfish has a Pepe LePeu on its hands. Ha ha. As for the second photo just know that there is a town in North Carolina named Lizard Lick. I imagine this may be how it got its name. :)


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  8. Zen

    I love the cat. But i love the iguana more.. hehe. :D


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  12. That image of the hopeful cat is a favourite of mine. Not surprised about the stats, since you are usually first off the block :-)


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  15. Maybe one day the cat will succeed with the kiss:-)


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  17. Love the cat “kissing” the water, but the iguana kiss… (yuck!) :D


  18. Love the kissing animals today. A nice take on the challenge although I don’t want an iguana touching my lips. Great pics, your cat is funny. But bet the fish aren’t laughing.


  19. why don’t you help your cat to kiss?


    • we considered to buy a snorkel for our cat Emily or a diver’s dress …P.S.: one day I discovered them kissing, really! after a week I found one goldfish on the carpet on the floor, no more breathing, not any heart beat – it seemed they had spent the night together outside the fish-tank / aquarium. the cat looked very shy into my eyes and then tried to hide in the bookshelf behind the books of Dr. Sigmund Freud …


  20. Good for the fish they are playing hard to get!


  21. Does your cat want to kiss…or to eat…the goldfish?


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  24. I’m sure Puss would have kissed that goldfish if she could!


  25. I cannot imagine kissing a chameleon. Great shot.
    Also love the pix of your cat and the gold fish!


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  27. Wonderful photograph, and a kiss, innocent kiss from a little tiger :) Lucky fish. Thanks and Love, nia


  28. I would have freaked out if the goldfish came up and gave the cat a kiss… I say, that’s one wise fish ;)


  29. Kitty looks like he eats well – perhaps other goldfish? Thank you for your interest in Gwichyaa Zhee.


  30. Great pics! And that’s one lucky goldfish …


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